Justin ******

Freelance Video Producer & Sports Videographer

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
2 Skills
Justin is a Digital Video Producer who prides himself on being innovative and easy to work with. He has been working in Final Cut Pro for over ten years including five years while obtaining his Bachelor's degree in Film and Video Production from the University of Colorado. In addition to his Final Cut Pro skills, Justin has great talent in graphic design and loves to work with motion graphics programs such as LiveType, AfterEffects and Motion. He is very comfortable designing in Photoshop and has a great eye for both commercial and artistic designs.

His post production skill set is augmented with a great deal of experience in camera operation, lighting, and sound engineering. Justin is fully capable of working in nearly every aspect of video production and has a passion for the industry. He brings to the table a wide range of experience including short films, corporate advertisements, documentaries, music videos, sports highlights, and video blogs. Justin has a strong interest in documentary and sports video with his thesis project in college being an auto-documentary about his Ultimate Frisbee career. His career so far has had a strong emphasis on Internet Videos and he would like to continue to develop his expertise in this area as the market continues to expand and change.

Justin’s ability to edit quickly and in a variety of different styles makes him a strong candidate for nearly any editing project. His additional skills in shooting and graphics make him a good fit for a very broad range of services. Justin is laid-back and easy to work with. He is detail oriented, with a great eye and lot's of natural talent. He is always open to trying new ideas and learns at an accelerated pace. Justin is a young, hard working, well-trained video expert with an abundance of creative talent and excellent verbal and written communication skills.