Alexandra Artemenko

Freelance Book Writer & Russian Translator

Location:Ogden, Utah, United States
2 Skills
Alexandra V Artemenko
Objective: A position working with a team to assist individuals to integrate their educational process with their personal goals
• Customer Service (Ligori’s 2010/11)
o As hostess, waitress and takeout person, received strong, positive feedback on my performance with no complaints
• Promoting and Selling a Product (Petsmart 2011/12)
o Daily interfaced with customers to analyze their needs and ensure the appropriate product was offered
o Developed strategies through talking with customers to offer other available Petsmart services such as pet training and grooming
• Organization Skills (Petsmart 2011/12)
o Was assigned to process sales and inventory data to ensure data base was accurate and complete
o Frequently chose to work with store manager to accomplish all needed tasks to close store in the evening
• Planning Skills (Junior ROTC Northridge High School 2009/10)
o Was selected as assistant logistics NCO to maintain all organizational accounts
o Planned various events including Christmas caroling at Salt Lake Veterans Hospital
o Was awarded the Silver Medal for my service in JROTC
• Language Skills
o Native Russian speaker in addition to fluency in English
High School Graduate – Northridge 2010
Office Skills
Three years computer education in high school – proficient in Microsoft Office
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Book Writing
Russian Translation