Phyliss Thomas

Freelance Business Consultant & Grant Writer

Location:Alexandria, Louisiana, United States
2 Skills
Dr. Phyliss F. Thomas
P.O. Box 13892
Alexandria, LA 71315-3892
(318) 709-1862

Skill Name Skill Level
10 Key Advanced
Accounts Payable Advanced
Billing Advanced
Call Center Experience Advanced
Creative Writing Expert
Customer Service Advanced
Data Entry Operator Advanced
Database Administrator Advanced
Executive Admin Assistant Advanced
Filing Advanced
Human Resources Experience Advanced
Loan Processor Advanced
Management Experience Expert
Microsoft Access Expert
Microsoft Excel Expert
Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced
Microsoft Word Advanced
Problem Solving Expert
Proposals/Technical Writer Expert
Purchasing Expert
Receptionist Expert
Recruiting Advanced
Sales Advanced
Trade Show/Seminar Host Advanced
Trainer Expert

Dr. Phyliss F. Thomas
P.O. Box 13892
Alexandria, LA 71315-3892
(318) 709-1862

Word Processor Expert
Travel Agent Intermediate

21 Eagle (1/2005 - Present)
Alexandria, Louisiana – USA

Computer Hardware, Software Sales; Find, Inspect, Maintain, List, and Sell Foreclosed Properties; Loan and Mortgage Broker Create and Design Marketing Materials and Market Businesses To Do Business With Other Businesses.

IGG Computer and Consulting Firm (06/1998 – 6/2002)
Alexandria, Louisiana
Sold computer hardware, computer parts and software; tracked purchase orders, maintained case sensitive files in a locked filed system; Trained individuals on how to utilize a computer and software packages as: MS word, excel, access, power point, publisher, QuickBooks and the internet; modified and updated computers; installed software packages on the computer; Performed Grant writing, Loan Packaging a Grant and Loan Research Services; Assisted individuals in starting, operating and expanding a business.

Word Inspired By Love Outreach (11/2003 - Present)
Alexandria, Louisiana
Counsel, reunify and train families, youths and others; Shelter, clothe, feed, train, educate and transport homeless, runaway and at risk women, children and youth of all ages; Complete assessments on families youth/children and others; Help families, children/youth and others suffering from emotional and behavior disorders meet their basic needs; Other duties and responsibilities are: Providing crisis intervention services, community support, family support, case management, functional family therapy, parenting training, completing behavioral health assessments, crisis intervention, crisis program management, and respite services.

Dr. Phyliss F. Thomas
P.O. Box 13892
Alexandria, LA 71315-3892
(318) 709-1862
G & P Consultants (5/2003 - Present)
Alexandria, Louisiana – USA
Attend workshops, meetings, seminars, conferences and other business events in reference to business services offered to clients; schedule, facilitate and preside over all meetings within the organization; coordinate and approve the organization’s daily activities; Oversee all activities within the office; Assist clients in completing necessary documents/forms needed to start, operate and/or expand a business; Assist clients in meeting other small business needs for his/her business; Assist in other areas where most needed within the business; Review and sign all necessary documents needed to be signed; Recruit, screen, qualify, interview, hire and train, individuals to fill job opportunities; Track all activities assigned to each employee; Participate in clerical functions where and when needed; Make sure all employees follow guidelines as instructed; Maintain contact with the public, federal and state agencies seeking a contractor; Perform Grant/Loan Packaging services for State, Governmental and Private Agencies; Perform Grant Research & Grant Writing task; Perform loan documentation, loan processing and loan origination services for State, Governmental, and Private Agencies; Contract Negotiator; Put together bid packages; and Perform Administrative and Business task for other agencies requesting these services.


PhD/Clinical Psychology
Amhurst University 12/2009
Masters/Counseling Psychology
Amhurst University 6/2007
Bachelors Degree/Business Administration
Amhurst University 5/1996
Computer Operator
Avalon Vocational Technical Institute 4/1991
Business Management
NSU 5/1990

Dr. Phyliss F. Thomas
P.O. Box 13892
Alexandria, LA 71315-3892
(318) 709-1862

High School Diploma
Peabody Magnet High School 5/1977

Professional Certification
Certification Name Experience
Business Trainer more than17 yrs
Ministers License more than 7 yrs
more than 7 yrs
Certified Loan and Grant Packager (USDA)

Wrote a Parenting Training Guide – Titled “Live, Love, Forgive and Receive Daughter of Zion Guidance for Raising Children – Can Be found at

Business Owner from 1998 - Present
Received a Certificate in Leadership Training;
Reseller for Lenovo Solutions;
Resided Within Other International Countries;
Mentored, Trained, Work Closely With Elderly, Women, Children and Others In Need Of Social Services.

Trained in writing progress reports/notes/policy and procedure manuals;
Trained in working with individuals suffering from behavioral problems;
Trained in counseling in all areas;
Trained to administering medicines;
Trained through USDA to package loan/grants;
Trained to perform CPR;
Trained through Louisiana Mentors to mentor and advocate youths;
Trained in areas of counseling;
Trained in using computer hardware and software;
Trained in writing grants and putting together loan/grant packages;
Trained in creating bylaws for any organization;
Trained in working with children, families, youth, and others;

Dr. Phyliss F. Thomas
P.O. Box 13892
Alexandria, LA 71315-3892
(318) 709-1862

Trained in completing all necessary forms and documents needed to obtain an E.I.N., forming a corporation, and completing all necessary paperwork to become a tax – exempt organization;

Trained in forming a non – profit and profitable organization;

Trained in working with individuals suffering from behavioral and mental illnesses, individuals suffering from bipolar, paranoia schizophrenia and other mental disorders;

Trained in areas of family reunification (Reunifying families and children);

Trained in areas of substance abuse (Worked as an Advisor with Clients Enrolled in Rehab and Restoration Program for 1 ½ Years);

Trained in Psychology/Social Service/Counseling Fields.