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Jorge A. Castilla

Freelance 3D Animator, Comic Artist, & More

Location:Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico
Phone: (52)(55)56834454
11 Skills

Summary of Qualifications

• Experienced in graphic design for making video games.
• Educated in Film Making, 3D Animation and general Fine Arts.
• Familiar with video shooting and editing for television and film.
• Understands musical composition, piano & keyboards.
• Experience in Maya, Nuke, ZBrush,3D Max,Photoshop, Motion Builder, Softimage, Premiere,
Cubase, Sound Forge, Director, Bryce, Extreme 3D, Rhinoceros, After Effects
VR Authoring Studio and VR Works.

• Modeling skills in polygons (High and low resolution), nurbs and subdivisions.
• Designed 360° scenarios for independent video games.
• Created texture maps for high resolution objects.
• Skills in face and body rigging and character set-up.
Film Making
• Elaborated storyboards for T.V. comercials, independent videos & films.
• Wrote original and adapted screenplays for independent videos & films.
• Assisted in stage elaboration for national and international films: “Bartolomé de las Casas, la
Leyenda Negra”, “William Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet”, “De Noche Vienes Esmeralda”
and designed complete scenarios for independent videos.
• Produced, acted and directed independent videos and several film exercises.

Work History
(Concurrent with education)
2011 Publishes the first number of his Graphic Novel Dragon Rider, A New
Prophecy, fully illustrated, inked, colored, written and edited by him under the
Label Phoenix Fire Entertainment in Aiken, South Carolina, USA.
Owner: Lars Swearingen III.
2010 General Artist for independent short cut films in Chamán Studios.
Supervisor: Felipe Esquivel Reed
2009 3D General Artist for advertizing projects in the company Cluster Studios.
Supervisor: Armando Ricalde
2008 3D Modeler and Animator in IMAGICA de México. Supervisors: Patricia
Gómez Peña, Gregorio Núñez Aguileta
2007-2008 3DModeler and Animator and promoted to camera director in the movie Z-BAW,
The Story of a Great Team. Produced by Paramount Pictures. For the company
Imagination Films.
Supervisor: Ricardo Gómez
2006 3D Set Designer for Anima Studios.
2004 Freelance animatics for Yoplait in TERAN /TBWA.
2000-03 3D Modeler and Animator and later promoted to Art Director in the First
Multiplayer Video Game of Mexico “ERANOR” in Radical Studios.
1997-99 2D and 3D Animator of CD-ROM for kids APRENDIENDO.COM.
1996-97 Storyboard making and copy writer for Fiore in Estrategia & Publicidad.
1996 Art Design Assistant in “Titanic”
Directed by James Cameron
1995 Art Design Assistant in “William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet”
Directed by Bazz Luhrmann


Eunoia Animation School (Mexico) 3D Modeling & Animation, 2D & Stopmotion Animation
Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica CCC (Mexico). Film Making
Universidad Autónoma de México UAM. Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design.
Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas ENAP, UNAM. Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts
Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia. Etnohistory

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