Erwin Maniwang

Freelance Software Tester & Quality Assurance Freelancer

Location:Makati, Manila, Philippines
Phone: (63) 9273875811
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Erwin J. Maniwang

More than 2 years of experience in Software Engineering specifically in Software Testing. Currently hold a Senior Programmer (QA) position in a global outsourcing company. Has great knowledge in several types of testing methodology such as Waterfall (V-Model) and Agile Testing which include Software Development Life Cycle and in Quality Assurance Life Cycle.

Skilled and has experienced in different kinds of testing such as Functional, Regression, Back-end, Smoke, End-to-end, Assembly, Product testing, etc.
Proficient and has strong background in IVR Testing (Interactive Voice Response), Web Portal Testing, and with basic knowledge (currently learning) in Back-end Testing (ETL, Batch Jobs, Data Warehouse).

DETAILED WORK EXPERIENCE and SKILLS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*Developed test approach and strategies and identified testing scope.
*Designed high-level scenarios, test conditions, and created large number of detailed test cases / test scripts.
*Identified and classified test data requirements and specific test data needed for test execution.
*Run and executed test cases, validated, analyzed, and documented test results (defect management).
*Read, analyzed, and understand complex VUI designs / Flow designs (Microsoft Visio).
*Basic knowledge in SQL queries to extract test data and update data policy thru Aqua Data and WinSQL.
*Presented and walk through created test designs / test cases to the clients, QA Manager, Project Manager, Developers, System Analysts, etc. to request sign-off of the test scripts created.
*Participated actively in the project handoffs, design walk through, test case walk through, project status meetings and reporting, client calls and updates, staging, and deployments.
*Resolved and mitigated issues by indentifying its cause, and risks. Assisting the developers for easy defect fix by providing ways/steps to reproduce the defects, appropriate and detailed defect logging, identifying its cause and impact, suggested and proposed ideas to resolve/lessen issues.
*Managed independently and tracked several assigned projects and tasks from the moment it was handed off till it’s deployed to production.
*Proficient in Testing Tools such as HP Quality Center, Mercury Test Director, and trained in Rational Clear Quest.
*Created Defect Management document from the previous project
*Created Testing Process Checklist from the previous project
*Created FAQ document for certain applications

SPECIFIC IVR TESTING EXPERIENCE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*Test Planning (Gathered requirements needed for a certain project/task, Designed high-level scenarios and test conditions with BRD or Work Order documents as reference, Created detailed test scripts/test cases using VUI/Call Flow designs (Microsoft Visio) as reference, identified and created test data request, presented test cases created to the clients, QA Manager, Project Manager, Developers, System Analyst, etc.)

*Test Execution (Prepared all necessary requirements before execution, Run and Executed test scripts then validated, analyzed, and documented test results, tracked bugs/defects and logged appropriately, validated calls made from the back-end thru call logs checking, raised and identified all issues and possible issues might be encountered, Production and pre-production testing, provide QA sign-off once the application is deployed to production successfully).

Employer: Accenture Inc. January 2010 – Present

CERTIFICATIONS and PRC LICENSE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*Healthcare Management (AHM250) Certified (USA accredited by Academy for Healthcare Management)
*Healthcare 201 Certified (Client Certification)
*Healthcare 101 Certified (Client Certification)
*Basic Auto Cad and Fundamentals – March 2008
*Cisco 1 & 2 – October 2009
*Electronics Engineer (ECE) – November 2008 (Passed)