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Mr Shiz

Freelance Artist & Photographer

Location:United Kingdom
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I've been an artist since I was a kid. I graduated from an art college in France (George Sand), then moved to London in 1998.
In Febuary 2006 I started working as a freelance artist under the alias "Shiz" and designed some T-shirts and sold them in Portobello market, London. I soon realised that customers were more interested in custom painting than just clothes.

So I learned how to do airbrushing, graffiti art, body painting and other ways to spray the paint. Since Portobello I've worked with other famous Airbrush artists and graffiti artists in London, and met some of the best in the airbrushing world, who inspired me to always progress and be a better artist.

I work mainly by myself, but also with other artists depending on the commission from trick of the eye, to graffiti murals and vehicles.

In January 2011 I started making films. I was trying to find something I like as much as painting murals and could give me loads of oportunities to create freely and tell a stroy.

I was thinking about painting all my life with the same passion, and realised that the only way not to get bored is to add another skill.
So now with two massive worlds to explore (art and films) I think I'm set for life...

Mr Shiz
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