Mehrdad Tahan

Freelance Painter & Portrait Painter

Location:Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
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Mehrdad Tahan is a self-taught award winner artist. He has been painting full-time for 30years.

Mehrdad was influenced by Old Masters from a young age and has practiced the traditional techniques with different mediums for many years until he developed a personal style with impressionistic qualities. Now, he concentrates on oil painting and charcoal drawings in their most classical sense.
He enjoys the fine details and textures in his unique charcoal drawings. He creates very delicate, detailed and characteristic portraits, still life and landscapes drawings by using charcoal sticks.

He has been finalist in many prestigious exhibitions in New Zealand such as Cranleigh Barton drawing award, Molly Morpeth Canaday art award, Adam portraiture award, Anthony Harper award.
His works are presented in private collections in New Zealand and overseas, including Sweden, Germany, Canada, France, USA, Switzerland .

Like most artists, I have a need to communicate pictorially rather than with words. I try to push the limits of realism in black and white medium as well as in color. Simply imitating reality isn't my primary goal, I use the technical skills I have developed for many years combined with my personal view to capture the immortality of my subject on paper or canvas, conveying the feelings and atmosphere of that moment to the world, in my own styl

Mehrdad works presently on commissions and teaches drawing and painting to adults and children in Christchurch, as well as holding workshops throughout Canterbury.
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Portrait Painting