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Cindy Ochoa

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Drawer

Location:United States
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Cindy is a native of Southern California and was born horse crazy so naturally she started to draw horses when she figured out what a crayon was. Even her most early drawings showed accuracy and style. She has since taken watercolor classes with Casey White, Claudia Nice and Tom Lynch which has inspired her and prompted her to finally get her work in the public’s eye with her upcoming solo show ‘The Power of Change.‘ Through art we can enjoy environmental beauty and appreciate what is on the earth and the spirit realm, there is always room for Fairies and Elves, therefore opening our eyes to it's wonders. Generally Cindy works in Conte’ on toned paper and paints in Oils which she has recently been experimenting with the old masters techniques. Though she has an ongoing argument, she is becoming a fast fan of Watercolors. Cindy has been exploring marketing options for her artwork and hopes to publish a book of her artwork and photography next year.

Casey White Watercolor Retreat - August 2005
Tom Lynch Watercolor class - October 2004
Claudia Nice Ink Pen class - October 1999
Graphic Technology/Printing Occupations - Regional Occupational Program 1994
Riverside Community College, Riverside, CA 1990-1993

Upcoming -
1st annual The Power to Change Solo Show Encino, CA September 2012


Commission in Progress 2012
Anita Montantes, North Hollywood, CA

Job Title: Freelance Artist
Dates: 2004 to Present

Job Title: Illustrator
Employer: American Literary Guild
Dates: 2001-2004
Duties: Designing and Creating drawings from award winning stories for children for teacher manuals to aid children to comprehend stories read by the class.
Designed and created puppets, mazes and miscellaneous games for interaction with the teacher and children of the classroom. Designed characters and scenes for felt board stories.

Kerre Reese, Martinez, CA
Molly Ochoa, Encino, CA
Richard and Judy Lee, Venice, CA
Eamon Thompson, Smithville, MO

Awards, Honors and Memberships
Honorable Mention, Perris Valley Fair, Perris Valley, CA 1997
Member of Women in Animation
Member of ACM
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Animal Illustration