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Sabrina Duarte

Freelance Digital Artist & Drawer

Location:North Pole, Alaska, United States
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Hi there, looking for someone to create for you? I'd be happy to!

I've been drawing since I was a kid with dreams. Now an adult, but I still have dreams, I am most adapted to drawing the human figure, in my own particular style. It's not realism, but it's not anime nor Disney. Need a character designed to come to life in your story/world/game/etc, or just an outfit to go on them? I can do it!
My digital artwork is created from a program called Open Canvas, I do not use any form of photoshop software, and for animations I have only used Easytoon. For my traditional works, I start with .5 mechanical pencil to sketch out the idea, ink with sakura micron black and sepia pens, and color with prismacolor markers. Traditional paints I use no name brands, just whatever I happen to find.
I have made comics with simple stories, as I am new to creating them myself. I am currently working on improving my landscape painting skills digitally, and traditionally.
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Digital Art