Matt Bertroch

Freelance Audio Editor & Multimedia Freelancer

Location:United States
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I've been writing and playing original music since i was 13, and after 12 years, i feel my musical talents are strong enough to persue a career in music production, studio engineering, or professional song writing. The more i write, the more i feel that my own material would be great for others to perform as well as myself. I love to perform, and have full confidence in my capabilities, but now i feel as though i love to write songs, a little more than i love to perform them. My ultimate desire is to own my own recording studio and music label, thus giving me unlimited production capabilities, for myself, and other aspiring musicians. I'm a "go-with-my-gut" kind of guy, and most of the time when i hear something, i very quickly have multiple ideas for it. I feel that inspiration is the absolute key, and as long that it is there, anything can be done.
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Audio Editing