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Massimo Rosi

Freelance Script Writer & Comic Writer

Location:Mendrisio, Ticino, Switzerland
Phone: +39 3936282300
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Saying that writing and telling stories is the dream of a lifetime could sound banal, but life is often
banal and banality is sometimes the most sincere thing that exists.
Writing and telling stories is my dream of a lifetime, handed down on me by my grandfather, who
was a caricaturist; I've been drawing since I was a child and I have tried to tell events, little stories
or just to give vent to my ideas, in order to avoid discussing with people who weren't worth it...
As I grew up I didn't stop dreaming and telling stories and I have studied with some of the best
teachers of comics, screenwriting and storytelling, such as Paul Karasik and Matteo Casali, to refine
this unconscious “art”. Thanks to them I learnt how to control what was just an instinctive factor
coming from the inside, to manage the rhythm of narration and to create more and more gripping
and innovative stories.
That's me, a 24-year-old boy, who loves to write and tell what's in his instinct; I come from Italy, a
place that, unfortunately, gives no opportunity to culture and to those who would like to work with
it and share it with people. This is why I crossed the ocean to look for chances, and I have come to a
place where culture and good stories are always highly regarded and loved by many.

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