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Jeanette Madden

Freelance Caricature Artist & Illustrator

Location:California, United States
Phone: 510-652-2032
2 Skills
Live caricature entertainment and special order caricature drawing

Live IPAD Caricature
Digital Caricatures drawn live on an IPAD! Drawings can be printed on the spot. Digital files can be provided for your guests! A large flat panel display allows the crowd to see drawings unfold in real time. Your logo or special art can be prepared in advance and will appear on each drawing.

Live Event Caricatures
Live caricature entertainment adds fun to corporate events, grad nights, proms, birthday parties, wedding receptions, holiday parties, fund raisers or any fun gathering where you need affordable, fun entertainment.

Commissions & Special Orders
Caricatures are the perfect gift or tribute for special people on special occasions. These professionally rendered illustrations make great gifts, greeting cards, frameable prints and posters. Drawn on the ipad, the digital files can be used on other gifts and party items like balloons, banners, posters … you name it!
Skills (2) Rating
Caricature Art