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Location:Monrovia, California, United States
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I, Paul David Renaurd, am the Director of my own General Legal Services Provider Company, I have obtained Extraordinary Results for my client(s), for more than 25 years. Winning is Everything at Not only do we do a great job, but there are often times we provide "Miracles" in would-be hopeless situations. Since we ordinarily do not seek out "Deals" with the opposition, we generally get our way, even litigating against experienced attorneys.When I got to Las Vegas in 2002, I could not find a suitable legal position. As a result I was basically forced to go out on my own; which turned out to be a blessing since it changed my life in a most positive manner. Along with using the normal legal parameters of the law to solve complex legal situations, we add the big difference: thinking outside the box. Leverage, or creating the illusion of leverage, is in most instances all you need to succeed. Having worked for numerous lawfirms, and assisting in thousand(s) of different types of legal scenerios, together with being exposed to some top notch natural talent, left me with the type of experience unable to be purchased or taught in a classroom, and uniquely positioned to solve almost any legal situation. If you think your legal/business problem can't be solved,
you're wrong!
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