Freelance Embedded Systems Programmer & Energy Manager

Location:San Diego, California, United States
2 Skills
Core Competencies:
* Hands-on development and Management of Product Development of Smart-Energy Solutions:
from Requirements capturing, System Architecture, H/w + S/w (System) Co-design, to Testing,
Deployment. Project design/ bidding to field application/ tech support. Entire life-cycle needs…
* Auto-DR (OpenADR), Sub-metering platform design and BAS/ EMS/ Web integration.
* M2M IPv6-WSN (H/w+S/w) development; M2M Apps, Web/Enterprise Integration platforms.
* Selection, planning, and management of outsourced/ offshore contract development resources.
* Build, Manage Partner-Ecosystem/Consortia - delivering complex technical/business solutions.
* Market development+ Solutions/Deployment support for Smart-Energy projects in India market.

Disciplines Practiced:
* Managed/Lead: Product Development, Marketing & Eng. Requirements and Specifications,
User-Interface/-Experience studies, Systems Engineering/Architecture, Outsourced/ offshore
product development efforts, Product/ portfolio updates through refactoring/ reengineering.
* Supported: Product Management, Mechanical/ Industrial Design, Project-bidding/ Business-
development, Long-range planning.
* Evaluate/select per client goals – development resources and standardized, OpenSource/
COTS hardware, software components, tools appropriate for specific project, architecture,
* Design validation and multi-stage test planning, Productionizing, deployment/ issue-tracking.

Technology Domains:
* Keil MDK-ARM, IAR-EWARM, NETOS, FreeRTOS, Contiki-OS, Embedded-Linux (Debian,
OpenWRT, OpenMesh), WinCE/XP-Embedded, OSGi-R4.x, LonWorks, BACnet, 6LoWPAN.
* Embedded Systems Programming: Application, System/ BSP/ drivers, M2M, Networking.
* IPv6 WSN, 1-Wire, Modbus, NXP LPC21xx/23xx/17xx, 8051, PSoC, AVR, MSP, MC13224
* W3C compliant RESTful web-services for resource-constrained battery powered WSN nodes.
* Web portal, messaging, proxy-server, web-app server based/ aware application development.