Crystal Scott

Freelance Greeting Card Illustrator & Cartoonist

Location:Eugene, Oregon, United States
2 Skills
Crystal Lorraine Scott
1090 Clark Street #211
Eugene, Oregon 97402

OBJECTIVE: To contribute in surmounting the status quo in a productive working environment, that attains to superb personal and professional goals; while acting as an expert resource for staff and the public.


U.S. Department of Army Nordstroms H & R Block
U.S. Housing and Urban Development Bon Marche & Bon-Macys McDonalds & Agri-Pac,
U.S. Postal Service Montgomery Wards Seattle Post Intelligencer
Memorial Hospital House of Fabrics Eugene Farmer’s Market
Colorado Springs Health Partners Harry & David


? Typing speed: 75 wpm (words per minute); 10-key stroke speed: 212 SPM/2 errors (strokes per minute). Adept at alphabetic and numeric data entry computations and databases.
? Equipment includes Fox 2001 & 2002 dedicated wordprocessor, IBM, Macintosh, and Apple PCs, typewriter, calculator, adding machines, fax machines, copy machines, and cash registers.
? Proficient in mastering interoffice software packages: Coursework and experience with Microsoft (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook), WordPerfect 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0 DOS, Medical Management Software, HIS, QC3 medical software, and BASIC. Some experience with web design.


? Experience with professional office staffs ranging from 5 to 300 personnel.
? Facilitated productivity by performing accurate, efficient, rapid turnover of 50% of agency documents.
? Thrived in setting where exchange of knowledge and expertise occurred.
? Capitalized on company weaknesses to convert to company strengths: (i.e., promoting racial equality).
? Highest sales per hour – Anniversary Sale (Nordstroms).
? Publication author of cookbook “Variations on a Scones”, “Dainty Knitted Dishcloths”, “Dainty Crocheted Dishcloths”, “Dainty Images Dishcloths”, “Acrylic Scarf, Hat, & Mitten Sets”, and “Bulky Scarf, Hat, & Mitten Sets”
? Experience with plant and seed propagation in experimental garden settings.


? Experience in nonprofit and for profit enterprises.
? Willing to be trained in a specific managerial capacity while upholding exemplary standards.
? Articulate verbal and written communications; experience in explicating regulations and procedures; sensitive to confidentiality ethics; and training in multi-lingual environment.
? Uninhibited when facing new crossroads and integrates artistic design when required.
? Willing to explore multi-faceted alternatives for viable solutions through surveys, feasibility and risk management studies, and statistical analysis.
? Proficient in time management as it pertains to input/output relationships.

EDUCATION: (Fields of Interest: Science, Information Systems, Design/Construction, Music, and Education)

Washington State University - Pullman, WA, 99163 Music Education 9/79 – 6/80
University of Puget Sound - Tacoma, WA 98416 Music Education 9/80 – 6/83
Adam State College - Alamosa, CO 81011 Music 9/95 – 6/96
Lane Community College - Eugene, OR 97405 Med. Transcript 9/98 – 6/99