Michelle Loveday

Freelance Brochure Designer & Business Card Designer

Location:Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Some time ago I discovered some childhood
drawings at the back of my mother’s wardrobe
and remembered what I used to love doing:
painting, drawing and piecing it all together in
some great collage of creativity. I’d sew little
pieces of fabric together to make a shirt or a
dress and then paint or print on it. I could
make something out of virtually nothing.

With a degree in Business Marketing and more
than a decade of selling, branding,
copywriting and design work under my
corporate sleeve, I remembered my
discovery, and I started to create again. I was
fortunate to be living overseas at that time. I
started as a Docent for the Singapore Art
Museum and painting for pleasure. By the time
I left Singapore and moved to Dubai the work I
was producing appealed greatly to expatriates
and locals looking for a unique representation
of these countries. I worked mostly in mix
media and painted landscape forms from the
beach to the desert.

Returning to Australia I undertook formal
training in Visual Art and Contemporary Craft
and worked on a variety of projects that have
involved fundraising with a creative twist; from
art auctions to t-shirt designs.

My work has been exhibited and sold
throughout the world for the past 10 years.

I now freelance my services in the areas of creative design, copywriting and teaching.

It is my way of expressing and
translating inner vision to outer
reality working quite deliberately, consciously
employing both traditional and innovate
techniques for companies and individuals with a need for creative flair.