Jennifer de Sousa

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Location:Coventry, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Phone: 07946020288
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To be an Artist Paint and sell art work website. Business Plan started at University but not completed a proper plan yet and found it difficult to put into practice.
So far I have done?
So far put three paintings onto and by found the three are very popular and a view more hits and placed in the baskets. To sell my art and achieve a creditable success in reaching a huge goal of being an actual artist once I have sold.
Once I have sold my works of art I am in the planning stages of wanting a whole business through the support of my attempts to apply my life through social media.
Though I have made steps to sell them the actual reality is to find a job with a wage to afford everything in this modern and when I suffer from poverty I need a roof, a steady job and a life on an income to hold up the costs of my new life on my own.
I still need to do? What I still need to do is?
If and when I manage to sell the three I would like to prepare as an alternative visual artist. Also a plan to look for employment so low in incoming money now on Employment Support Allowance that I have to stay at home during the day and not go to exhibitions or other social activities.

I'm struggling with?
I'm single, do not work and live on Employment Support Allowance very deprived and need some sort of grant. So I loaded my paintings onto artist website to sell them and find I am getting luckier.
In one way I want to paint again and another I want to live properly for the fear of the times when I need money to afford the cost of the living with the new government.
I need to learn to drive and buy my own car to cater to my f transporting my art work. To think of the practical side of art there is a lot of hard work at ground level that I find very difficult. Carrying and though I want to paint I think of loading up the back of a car for once and travelling to artspace.

Coping on my own with debt and protecting my intellectual property to call my way of looking at paint and art is a logo or a trade mark or acceptance in British Art market.
The only way to live is to sell the three paintings but before I need to get them sold and delivered to the doors of the customers. It's door to door art and was number two in line for a studio but waiting for the new bursaries I think will happen next year. What I can do then is? Afford a lifestyle that it will be difficult to apply for government welfare benefits.
I want to be up and running by/I started trading on? Month and year

As soon a painting goes into is in the hit list and then into the basket of a customer on
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