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Devoted fan of the show. Also, can write specifically for Pheadra as I am a former attorney in connecticnt. Please see my resume but writing is my passion. Thanks.

Cliff Fritzell, JD

After several years of experience as an highly active attorney, partner in a multi-jurisdictional law firm and business consultant, its clearly time for me to make a lateral career choice for me and my family to a new york based company that requires my expertise and passion to safely grow itself while we protect it’s current assets, portfolio and people. Throughout the years, I made contacts and developed unique tools and resources that can bring corporate clients in the manufacturing field or the financial services sector safely into the new year while minimizing their respective legal exposure and concerns pertinent to other compliance related pitfalls for itself, for it’s board members and for it’s executives. I’m experienced in negotiating for corporate clients with governmental agencies including the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Revenue Services, the Department of Labor, the Securities and Exchange Commission and other private and quasi-governmental entities. Typically, I am able resolve complex matters with minimal pecuniary damages and penalties for my clients.
Cliff Fritzell, Counselor of law, 2004 to 2012
Built a multi member firm with up to twelve employees that focused on corporate clients, small limited liability start-ups, and even some private wealth individuals who required asset transmission and protection from tax and business related exposure. During my time, I resolved issues for clients involving the IRS, state and local tax compliance and other general business contractual related predicaments. I’m able to manage many cases at one time that encompass a broad spectrum of personalities, I amassed over 300 business clients within the time I was asked solicit for this partnership. I also worked diligently with a small team of attorneys to merge multiple clients while at the same time restructuring the indebtedness of a third client in a bankruptcy proceeding. We’ve created and analyzed certified corporate valuations through proper accounting techniques. I’ve, through identifying intangible and tangible corporate assets created an elevated bargaining position for several clients going through family squabbles in a close corporation to unlawful entrenchment of board members in public companies. We also utilized a variation of mediation to remedy issues amongst board members and union delegates to get overtime benefits restructured to best benefit our client’s state tax obligation. Eagerly, with elevated enthusiasm and passion, I am seeking an upward move with more responsibility and personal fulfillment with a company that will be open to new ideas and dedication.
Founding Member of Fritzell & Gallo, LLC 2007 to 2010
While driven to build a multi-member, multi-state business law practice, I met someone with similar passions and created Fritzell & Gallo, LLC in the summer of 2007. We focused on nationwide trademark protection and a plethora of software component intellectual property rights. We handled many different problems for our clients including but not limited to patent prosecution, tax obstacles and otherwise, we outsourced legal matters to west coast firms wherein we were asked to defend clients in consumer protection cases, products liability matters, UCC and tax liens plus other battles with outside entities. The business end of this endeavor was squarely on my shoulders. I started and ended this firm without much input from others at the partnership level or otherwise.
Clerk of Court / Stamford, Connecticut 2003 to 2004
Worked directly with several judges in Stamford’s Superior Court. Worked in Judges’ Chambers and in the Courtroom on cases that required confidentiality and tactfulness. Learned the art of active listening. Found a balance between mediation and litigation with attendees. Learned the importance of aggression and capitulation. I left this experience to begin a solo legal career on the New Haven, Connecticut Green. I amassed over 50 clients within my first year.
University of New Hampshire (Franklin Pierce), Law School - Juris Doctor with IP and Business focus, 2004.
University of New Haven - Forensic Science with Investigative Services, White Collar Crime (CFE with special accounting skills).
Elevated interpersonal skills, adept with computer programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Peachtree Business Accounting, Quickbooks Accounting, Clio (online legal billing), Abacus legal Billing and most Mac based applications and programs. Also possess the ability to work equally well independently or in a team like setting. Strong sense of humor, horrendous golfer, worse bowler but quite engaging, personable and usually become a close early friend for those who respond in kind.
Professional and personal referrals will be furnished at a time and place of appropriateness to your desired location.

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