Joseph Toth

Freelance Audio Editor & Movie Producer

Location:Bloomington, Indiana, United States
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I received my BA in Telecommunications with an emphasis in Design and Production while focusing strongly in the area of Audio production and postproduction at Indiana University in December 2011.


I have corporate, commercial, and narrative short form/ long form experience in the following areas of audio production and postproduction:
• Boom operation
• Location recording
• Production mixing
• Dialogue editing and sweetening
• Foley recording and editing
• SFX construction and editing
• ADR recording and dubbing / VO
• Audio restoration [grading and processing]
• Scoring for various media

With my experience and the aid of advanced plugins, I am able to effectively sweeten, clean, or restore raw or dirty audio. With a trusted postproduction hardware and workflow, I am confident in providing pure sound for any production medium.

In both the production and postproduction environment I have a clear and organized strategy to ensure the marriage of best quality sound with efficiency; be it broadcast, short form, or feature-length. I have a strong understanding and skill in both straight-to-camera and sync sound workflows. I have the appropriate equipment for talk-back, which allows for a seamless integration into a variety of location productions.

I can ensure easy, no-hassle audio postproduction strategies that work seamlessly with ANY software environment chosen by picture editorial or other sound post engineers. I am skilled in the area of packaging and handing OMF’s; a great organizational function for post if there are multiple post engineers involved in the project using different software platforms.

I am skilled in the area of custom workstation upgrade, custom configuration, assembly, and maintenance for both video and digital audio workstations. Having configured and assembled by own DAW; I can ensure performance and reliability throughout my workflow.

Past Clients

• Indiana University Office of Scholarships -Bloomington, IN
• Indiana University Press -Bloomington, IN
• Renaissance Rentals -Bloomington, IN
• InBloom Photography -Bloomington, IN
• Midwest Institute for Clinical Research -Indianapolis, IN
• S.I.B.R Research -Indianapolis, IN

I have worked in Association with:

• Colorblind Pictures LLC -Bloomington, IN
• Innovation Productions -Bloomington, IN
• Wuhawk Productions LLC -Bloomington, IN


I alone provided all the audio production and postproduction services for “Nathan and the Luthier” –the first student-produced, feature-length production to get standalone screening at the Indiana University Cinema (2011) and was a Heartland Film Festival Official Selection (2011).

I’ve been awarded first place, two years in a row, for outstanding work in the area of Audio Production in Indiana University’s MultiVisions Conference through the Department of Telecommunications (2010, and 2011).

I provided all the audio production and post-production services for “Sparks”, which won Best Picture at Indiana University’s Campus Movie Fest –placing us in the top 16 in the U.S. Sparks is also a Rethink Possible semi-finalist (2011).

Personal Equipment (current)

• Shoeps CMIT 5u Shotgun
• Marantz PMD 661 Field Recorder
• Sennheiser EW100 ENG G3 Transmitter/Receiver Pack
• Rycote S-Series Windshield Kit
• Rycote Modular Suspension Mount System
• K-Tech Avalon Series Boom Pole (11’)
• Remote Audio HN-7506 headphones: talkback capable(field)
• Remote Audio BoomBox V2 (talkback system)
• Sony MDR-V900HD Monitor Series Headphones (studio)
• Steinberg Nuendo 5 (DAW software)
• Focusrite Pro 40 firewire interface
• Mackie Hr824 Mkii 8" Studio Monitor (pair)
• Waves Native Plugins: Restoration Bundle, Diamond Bundle, WNS
• Rolland Fantom G6 Digital Synthesizer Workstation (music composition)
• Rolland TD 12 Electric Drum Set (music composition)
• A mobile rig (containing the Focusrite interface, a Cyberpower UPS, and a Macbook Pro with Nuendo 5)
• Personally configured and assembled workstation ( i7 980x @ 3.4Ghz / ASUS P6X58D-E LGA 1366 motherboard/ 24Gb Corsair Dominator PC3-1600 / NVidia quadro 4000 gfx card)

Current Projects

I am currently composing and archiving sound effects, Foley elements, and music on a weekly basis. My goal is to have a diverse, 1000 count SFX and Foley library within a few months.

Midwest Research Inc. is developing educational videos intended for their volunteer patient population. These videos will explain research trial procedures and generally inform the volunteers about research opportunities available.

S.I.B.R Research Inc. has developed two nutritional supplemental formulas which are approaching the initial clinical trials. I am developing the educational and marketing media necessary for these two products, which is intended for informing both client and distributor about the product.


Norbert Herber
Norbert served as my Faculty Advisor during T498 Special Project credit entitled Advanced Audio Production and Post-Production through the Department of Telecommunications, Indiana University. He also oversaw my internship with London Town, where I composed a volume of both SFX and music.

Susan Kelly
I have worked with Susan in both IU Telecom's 3D advanced production course and through Nathan and the Luthier.

Dr. William V. Judy Ph.D.
President and Founder, S.I.B.R. Research, Inc.

Cathy Zink
Executive Director, Midwest Institute for Clinical Research, Inc.
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Audio Editing
Movie Production