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"Sarcasticus Rex" is my online name.
My real name is Mark MacKinnon and I'm a scriptwriter and creator of the super fiction multiverse "The Infinatum".

I have experience writing for various mediums, including feature film, television, and comic books. I've completed seven feature film scripts (as yet unsold) with over ten others in various stages of plot and story development, and numerous comic book scripts featuring original characters.

Although my preferred genre is somewhere between action and science fiction, I have the flexibility to create compelling stories regardless of it's roots in reality or not. My comedic writing stylings tend towards slapstick, goofy, and slightly the other side of normal. But I also like to throw in something topical and witty to keep readers guessing. When writing horror/ thrillers, I tend to lean towards dark, brutal, and disturbing. Delving into the psychology of the characters can be the most chilling story of all. Many think writing action movies is easy. The real trick is writing action movies with substance. Creating likeable/ interesting characters, showing the readers something different or putting a twist on a classic. An action movie is just a drama or a comedy cranked up a bit. That is what I strive for. Science fiction/ Fantasy is probably my favourite genre. My thirst for knowledge inspires my stories and ideas. Whether it be the various disciplines of science, ancient, recent, or alternate history, mythology, and the things in-between, they are the fuel that drives my creative engine. They always take me to places I never could have dreamed of. Regardless of the genre, I always try to inject that extra little something that will make the project stand out. Quirky humor, even if it's just one line, in a serious scene. Shining hope amid a character's bleak darkness. Paying homage to those that have inspired me, whether it be well-known or obscure. The end result being a story that pulls the reader along, makes them think, scares them, makes laugh, but most importantly, makes them care.

Amid my other projects, I have continued to work on my ever-expanding super fiction multiverse brand, "The Infinatum".
I have developed numerous story ideas/ characters suitable for development into various mediums, including feature film, TV/ web series, comic books, motion comics, etc. Currently, I'm working on "The Black Wave Event", an original, super fiction novel that introduces readers to the Infinatum. It tells of the end of the world, but from various perspectives, some spanning alternate dimensions and periods of time.

To accomplish all of these projects, I've become adept in creating and developing story mythology, character biography and history, whether it be for a single script, or for an on-going storyline and character arcs.

I also write a blog about various subjects, from current events to my current projects, to comments on life and everything else in-between.

It is my hope to connect with other creative types, network and hopefully create some interesting and compelling ideas.

Google "Sarcasticus Rex", or you can also find Sarcasticus Rex on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
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