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Rynegade Skinrot

Freelance Digital Artist & Fantasy Artist

Location:San Marcos, Texas, United States
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Hello, everyone! I am trying to get a portfolio together but I really do love to draw. I enjoy nerdy things, as I am an avid larper who plays Amtgard in Texas, I love videogames and Magic: The Gathering. I've got more love for Pokemon than is healthy. I used to love anime way more than I do now so my styles have somewhat stemmed from that. I'm trying to find my style but I am also putting more love and effort into my art than before.
I've got one semester left of college and then I will have my BFA. I'm still starting out on my journey but just hang in there with me and I will be the very best!
My online portfolio is here:
I do arts and crafts. : ]
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