Richard Robledo

Freelance Creative Writer & Project Manager

Location:United States
2 Skills
Major: English
Minor: Music, Theater Arts

Major: English
Minor: Music, Theater Arts

Experience PAPAYA STUDIO, Irvine, CA
Senior Producer, April 2009-Current
Managed a team of 60 developers on the creation of four video games. Collectively, the projects generated a over $30 million in gross revenue.
Managed all outsourcing business, including overseas cinematics production (Japan), music composition with Emmy award winning musicians, voiceover studio recordings, sound engineering, and television/film industry writers.
Interfaced with publishing and licensing partners – including Disney Interactive Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Electronic Arts, Namco/Bandai, and Cartoon Network Interactive – to set up production pipelines, development schedules, licensing approvals, and legal clearances; as well as, creating professional and positive working relationships, which resulted in repeat business.
Managed internal groups: Programming, Art and Animation, Game Design, and Production. Worked closely with department leads to ensure good communication was ongoing, production milestones were delivered on time, and project visions and goals were met with the highest quality. Projects were managed across six video game platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3ds, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation PSP.
Created, managed, and tracked production schedules and budgets using MS Project and Excel.
Worked one-on-one with company President to develop new project concepts, and then pitch those concepts to industry groups from all over the world. This relationship brought three projects to the company.

Producer/Lead Designer, March 2009-April 2009
Worked on the recruitment of a 10-man team to develop an unannounced Nintendo Wii sports title.
Prepared project schedules, including milestones, which detailed each team members’ tasks and due dates for those tasks.
Worked with the Tech Director to create a detailed TDD
Worked one on one with licensors to create a streamlined approval process with the quickest turnaround times as possible.
Communicated with outsourcing companies in order to negotiate the best contract that would benefit the studio the most.
Composed a thorough GDD to establish the scope, direction, and content of thee project vision.
Prepared quality pitch documents to help establish future projects for the studio.

Lead Designer, February 2008-November 2008
Bring the Creative Director’s vision to life.
Build and script 3D levels in GUI-based proprietary level editor (Unity 3D).
Write thorough GDDs to establish the scope, direction, and content of the vision.
Work with the Art Director to give color, shape, and dimension to the vision.
Work with the Tech Director to bring order and life to the vision.
Write story and dialogue.
Proofread and edit game script, press releases, and corporate newsletters.
Ensure the vision is given periodical reviews to maintain its initial goal.
Design gaming systems: economy system, buying/selling system, upgrade system, camera system.
Design player and mission mechanics.

Lead Designer, August 2006-December 2007
Brainstorm and research for new game concepts, themes, and mechanics.
Used Flash to write and build game demos for new projects.
Write thorough GDDs to establish game vision, rules, and layout.
Work with Art Director to nail down art style for gameplay and UI.
Work with Tech Director to create a list of gameplay features, and to create a plan for first playable.
Report to Studio Director and Creative Director to communicate project status.
Build game levels with proprietary tools.
Write story and dialogue.
Direct voice over sessions.
Pitch new game concepts to upper management.
Demo playable milestones for upper management.

Lead Designer, January 2004-August 2006
Evaluate proprietary game engine, research top-selling games, and collaborate with design team and department leads to determine the project’s overall vision and goals
Document game specifications: gameplay rules and mechanics, controller configuration, player abilities, gameplay camera, AI classes, front end and pause menu, story outline, and game flowcharts
Create a design plan and schedule to produce a playable representation of established project vision that demonstrates technical, artistic, and creative goals
Identify each designer’s gifts and dependencies, and delegate tasks appropriately to benefit from their talents and to eliminate weaknesses
Technically/artistically classify new design feature requirements, communicate them to the relative programmer/artist, and follow up until feature completion

Designer, October 2002-January 2004
Work with fellow Designers and Lead Designer to conceive creative design features and gameplay elements
Use 3d Studio Max to build level layouts, and to place—gameplay triggers; AI positions; AI pathfinding maps; pickups; checkpoint markers; cutscene cameras; animated objects, particle effects markers; sound emitters—all of which work together with the scripting language
Use LUA script to code gameplay events—a creative mixture of timed occurrences built to challenge the player’s skill set from the simplest to most difficult magnitudes
Gain a solid understanding of our engine’s technical and artistic limitations, and strive to develop fun and challenging gameplay within

Associate Producer, August 2001-October 2002
Managed, organized, and updated milestone and production schedules
Compose and edit design documents
Pitch potential projects and game proposals to executive board, and sales and marketing teams
Represent and promote the company and its projects to the industry press
Assist in managing development teams to ensure they achieve their milestones on time
Coordinate and oversee specific areas of project development; such as scheduling voiceover recordings, and photography sessions
Distribute updated project builds in various forms of media to appropriate personnel
Work one-on-one with QA Manager and Lead Testers to guarantee a complete, thorough, and swift test cycle
Provide the press, both online and print, high quality media assets

Skills Software: 3D Studio Max, Unity 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Sound Forge, Sibelius Music Software, Alienbrain Studio 7, Filemaker Pro
Programming: C, C++, LUA Script, HTML, Action Script 2.0

Projects Senior Producer— “Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL” 2011 (Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation3), “Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It” 2011 (Nintendo Wii), “Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales” 2010 (Nintendo Wii), “Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction” 2010 (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation PSP), “Toy Story Mania!” 2009 (Wii), “Ben 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attacks 2009 (Xbox360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation PSP)
Lead Designer—“Luxor: Pharaoh’s Challenge” (Wii, PS2, DS, PSP) December 2007, “Charlotte’s Web: Word Rescue” PC, “LarryBoy and the Bad Apple” PS2
Associate Producer—“Battle Realms” (PC), “Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf” (PC), “Global Operations” (PC), “Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter” (PS2/XBOX), “Whirl Tour” (GameCube)