Michael Otis

Freelance Creative Writer & Comedy Writer

Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
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Given my background in sociology (I studied at the University of Minnesota), I love to watch people. It always fascinates me to figure out what exactly makes them tick, as each one is driven by their own individualized set of desires and dysfunctions. I would definitely describe myself as an introvert, which I think gives me an outside perspective of the social world.

My worldview is the only of it's kind. I have lived my entire live in the cold, cold state of Minnesota, much to my own disenchantment. I still don't understand why they built a metropolitan area in a region that is seriously uninhabitable for a couple months every year. I also find it to be a particularly polarized place in which the collective consciousness of it's people borders upon bipolar disorder, but it is still my home. I grew up in a large suburban town with a small town mentality, characterized by 'white flight' from the big bad progressive city of Minneapolis, where I studied and lived for four years. I am also gay, so growing up surrounded by people who voted for Michelle Bachman was irking, disheartening, and called for a very awkward adolescence, probably the root cause of my introversion. Because of where I grew, up, religion and sexuality are common themes in my writing, and I hope my experience growing up has made me a stronger person.

I love laughter- the joy it brings and it's subtle power to change peoples minds and ways of thinking, while lifting their spirits simultaneously. Writing and performing a stand-up comedy act is a very important goal of mine, and a hopeful career path in the long term.

As a writer, I am intelligent and thoughtful. My work is passionate, cohesive, and polished. I am something of a perfectionist and a bit obsessive at times, which has been an obstacle in the past when I write; but at some point I learned to find ways around my dysfunctions, as one does. Writing is something I truly love to do, especially creative writing. I really enjoy the endless possible combinations of words to express an abstract thought or idea. To write professionally is my strongest desire, it is what drives me.
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