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Zee Saliba

Freelance Book Writer & Poem Writer

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
Phone: (310)-691-3086
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My name is Zee Saliba. What absolutely drives me in life is my passion for almost every artistic medium. I strive to accomplish applicable results in all of my endeavors, be it literature, music or film. I believe in the power of the creative process and, in turn, I am very easy to work with.

-High School Diploma
-Three months of intensive playwright courses in the Stella Adler Academy of Acting under the teachings of famed writer Tim McNeil.
-1-year Screenwriting Program at the New York Film Academy, California, from which I graduated with Honors (Business of Screenwriting Class)
-Published a novella at 18, entitled Canticles of the Sheep, first released in 2010 by Xlibris. It spawned two cover editions and a Leather Bound edition. It can be found on,, Barns& and
-Two Book Signing events: UCLA Campus and Virgin Megastore
-A Treatment adaptation of Canticles of the Sheep done by Xlibris, currently traveling the Hollywood market.
-A play entitled "The Buried Bones".
-An original drama pilot entitled Angels of Paradise/ Two feature spec screenplays entitled Crimson Meadows and The Devil's Horn/ One half-hour spec of already existing comedy show Modern Family/ One 1-hour spec of already existing drama show Castle.
-Wrote a short movie entitled Journey Forward, recently accepted in the Monaco Film Festival.
-Wrote a short movie entitled Parallel Universe for the Screen Actors Guild.
-Composed, wrote and recorded two original songs "Black and White" and "More than a Beast" as part of a demo album.
-A screenplay entitled The Cool Kids currently in production with Carbo Films.
-Fluent in English, Arabic and French.
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