Tandie Langton

Freelance Animator & 3D Animator

Location:Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom
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Tandie Langton
Model Maker and Animator



Silicone, casting and sanding.
Sculpting & press moulding Plasticine.
Designing moulds, slam & injection moulds.
Mould making – Laying up and casting from original Sculpts and making masters. Ali Fast Cast, Silicones; 10T, Dragon Skin FX Pro, Eco Flex & 2 piece Fibre glass moulds.
Armature making – ball and socket armatures, steel & brass K&S, silver soldering, twisted Aluminium wire construction.
Fitting up Puppets and RP heads.
Puppet Maintenance
Liaising with Team leader and my colleagues to get work completed efficiently
Sculpting from designs
Textiles, sewing, knitting, costumes etc.
Painting props, models and sets.
Working with various toxic chemicals and materials in accordance with COSHH.


Aardman Animation, Bristol
“Pirates, in an adventure with scientists” (2009-2011)
“Curse of the Were Rabbit” (2004)
“Dairylea” (2003)
“PG Tips” (2003)
“Wash Me” Chevron (2002)
Exhibition in Belfast (2002)
“PG Tips” & Royal visit (2002)
“Angry Kid” (2001)
“Chicken Run” (2000), work experience

Other productions
“Milky”(2003), Dir. Hazel Grian, Bollex Bros.
“Radwa Chickens” (2003). A Production, Bristol.
“POP” (2001), Dir Hazel Grian, Bristol.
“Room Service” (2001), Independent Live Action, Bristol.
Sets, Props & Set dressing.
“The Vegetable Patch” (2001), Disney Channel, A Productions,
Models & Sets.
“Disney I-dents” (1999), Elm Road Studio Bristol.
“Gogwana” (1998), Aaargh! Animation, Cardiff.



Animating with Plasticine, silicone rubber and, armatured puppets.
Acting skills to bring inanimate objects and composite puppets to life for a multitude of mediums.
Experience working on feature films, short films, commercials, series and 1/2 hour specials.


“Steinfliegen (Stone Fly)” (2008). Germany.
Key Animator. Responsible for main set up & running of the shots & their corresponding set-ups. Lip syncing in German. Designed & built the complex/specialist rigs for puppets.

“Kwarz” (2007). Germany.
Key animator. Configured tests for pre-production shots. Organized detailed plans and trouble shooting for each shot. Co-responsible for the Set build and dressing.

“Postman Pat” (2006). Children’s TV Series, 10mins episodes, Manchester Animator.
“Windmill Boy” (2005). Independent film. Canterbury. Animator.


“Max & Co” (2006). Cinemagination, Switzerland
Assistant to 4 animators. Animating, Assisting, making animatible props, Sound breakdown & doping French dialogue.
“Curse of the Were Rabbit” (2004-2005). Aardman Animation, Bristol
“Dairylea” Kraft Cheese (2005-04). Partizan, London & Bristol
White Plasticine cow in crazy machines. (Adverts).
“Radwa Chickens” (2003). A Production, Bristol.
“Creature Comforts” (2003). Aardman Animation, Bristol
“Robbie the Reindeer II” (2002). BBC Animation Unit. Bristol
Posed puppets for Marketing and Merchandising Photographs.

“Rex the Runt”. (2000-01) x13 series Aardman


Model puppet workshop (2009 Feb) with Diploma Students.
London College of Communication, London
Animating, planning and working on Steinfliegen (2008 Dec). University of Lincoln
Working in 3D Puppet Animation (2007 Dec). University of Lincoln
Basic puppet armature Design (2006 Feb).
Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication, Kent
Work as an assistant animator on The Curse of the Were Rabbit, Model Making and Animating (2005 Nov). SAE Institute, London Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication, Kent
Freelance work as 3DModel Animator/Model Maker (2003 Jun)
Ravensbourne College
External Assessor (2003 May). Validating Committee BA (Hons) Animation programme Ravensbourne College


2009 Dec: Flash8. University of West of England, Bristol.
2006 Feb-May: Maya CGI Character Animation. Animation Workshop, Denmark.
2002-2003: Photoshop. City College, Bristol.
2002 Jan: OCR CLAIT Computer Literacy & Information Technology. Bristol.
1996-1999: 2.1 BA Hons. 3D Model Animation. Glamorgan Centre for Art, Design & Tech, Wales.
1995-1996: City & Guilds 2D Computer Aided Design, Access to Art Cert., City Community College, Liverpool.
2008: SA Level 1 Coaching Certificate in Swimming. Bristol.
2009: NLPQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification), Stafford.
1986-1990: BTEC: HND & ND Conservation and Restoration Studies. Lincolnshire College of Art & Design, Lincoln.


Object Conservator:– (Art Restoration in Museums).:
Conservation Organic materials: Artefacts made from Wood, Bone, Ivory, Leather, Feather, Fur, Wax etc., also some Metals and Ceramics. Liaising with all museum departments. Photographing and documenting each before and after conservation. Liaised with in-house Photographer for publication photographs. Detailed written condition reports for all work. Preparation & setting up exhibitions. Responsible for overseeing loans in this country and to the USA. Supervising students on placement. Condition Survey - assessment & recommendations for storage and conservation of Customs & Excise Museum Collection, Liverpool.

1999-2005: Celtic Conservation. Brecon, Wales.
1992-1996: National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside. Liverpool.
1991-1992: British Museum. London.
1990-1991: Oxfordshire County Museum Service. Oxon.

1985-1986: Josiah Wedgwood and Sons Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent.
One year trainee, bas-relief Modeller working in clay and plaster.


Conversational French.
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3D Animation