Michael A. Hemmings

Freelance Speech Writer & Copywriter

Location:Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
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I love words. Their use in combinations strange, wonderful, eclectic, terrifying, material and ethereal can shape the human experience in ways both unexpected and comfortingly banal. I love how they can be used to express/describe/explain the deepest emotions, the most powerful experiences, the most important texts that shape the continuing human experiment.

I have written hundreds of speeches over the last 18 years. I have researched and written two non-fiction manuscripts, one regarding the Sho'ah of the Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe and one regarding the development of the social security society of Canada. I have also written manuscripts of fiction, more for my own amusement and that of others than for anyone else.

I have ten years of university training in various literature/ideas-related subjects, including philosophy, theology, ethics, literature and government policy.

Due to my own insatiable curiosity, I remain an eclectic and interested reader in not just these subjects but in many others. The world of humanity is far too much an interesting and complex phenomena to remain centred on only one branch of knowledge or to be entirely hooked into the 'net.
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