Mike Ryan

Freelance Article Writer & Copywriter

Location:Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Phone: 0419648242
Website: http://www.brassrazoo.net.au
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Principal Consultant - Brass Razoo Group

I write dazzling case studies that highlight the genius of the Client, the Vendor and related stakeholders. Basic copywriting without "Weasle Words" helps my clients present an articulate message to the market. Call me on 0419 648 242 to get your message to market..

Tasks include website rewrites
Case Study's
Website Content Refresh
White Papers
Product Specifications and Data Sheets
Op-Ed and Articles

Our value proposition is simple.

_____Value proposition #1

Do you want to employ a PR company to write your press releases, marketing collateral and web content?

In most cases this means writing the material twice - once by you or a technical resource, then once more by the PR company. Wouldn't you rather hire a former IT sales professional, with 20+ years talking to CIO's, IT Managers, Network Managers and Security Professionals to perform your technical copywriting tasks? A street-smart professional that understands the strategic and operational challenges that IT Administrators confront daily?

_____Value proposition #2

Getting stuff done!

Do you "WANNA" achieve outcomes from your to-do list? Have you been "GUNNA" get around to marketing tasks sooner or later - time permitting? Something always seems to come up and delays the progress of these activities.

_____Value proposition #3

Sacrificing your engineering and technical resource's billable hours on non revenue generating activities.

Here's a newsflash.Engineers detest the documentation production phase of a project. It languishes in limbo until the last possible moment and is often delivered begrudgingly or under duress. Change the way you deliver documentation.

Brass Razoo Group can ensure your Website Content, Newsletters, Case Studies, Brochures, Marketing Plans, Tender Proposal's and Responses and everything in between is produced quickly, professionally and designed to leave a lasting impression upon your intended prospects and stakeholders.
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