Christopher Airhart

Freelance Creative Writer & Editor

Location:Natchitoches, Louisiana, United States
2 Skills
To find a job that satisfies me, my employers, and my audience financially and creatively.
To complete all projects and jobs in a timely and orderly fashion while maintaining high entertainment levels.
To enjoy what I do for a living.
Sports Editor – Natchitoches Times 2007-2010
• Covered a variety of sporting events in AP style for local newspaper.
• Composed stories, took pictures, did layout work, and editing in addition to sports coverage
• Maintained files on the entire news staff’s work. Also kept statistics for sporting events.
• Managed stringers for games I could not attend.
• Covered other events, including political gatherings and disasters when nobody else was available.
Food Editor – Natchitoches Times 2006-2007
• Was more of a general reporter but was responsible for the food page once a week with similar duties as my side work as sports editor.
Masters – Creative Writing (Full Sail University) 2010-2011
Began work in late August 2010, and completed the degree program in Sept. 2011.
BA – Creative Writing (LSU) 2000-2004
Began work on BA in 1998 at Northwestern State University. Transferred to LSU in spring 2000.
My biggest skill is that I always have ideas. Beyond that, I have composed countless stories, mostly news items, both published and unpublished. I have almost five years experience editing my work, along with others, and I also have photography experience. I feel comfortable speaking on the phone or in person professionally and I have also conducted countless interviews about everything from food to sports to Dracula.
I am organized professionally, having close to 10 years experience with filing cabinets.
I can use a Mac and PC effectively and I know MS Word, Excel, iMovie, Final Draft, Quark, and most computer programs that are used professionally. Any that I don’t know, I figure out quickly.
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Creative Writing