Thomas Conroy

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Location:Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
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I qualified as a Theoretical Physicist because when I left school it was still an era of well you will need a real job if your going to be an artist, so although never having a chance to take my life in that direction I have always leep up and maintained my skills with Brusch pen and pencils. I find I know mainly work in ink, both solely black ink and colour ink, for colour work I have mainly been using Copic markers.

I have been a huge fan of comics for a long time and started as most children of my generation did with the Beano and the Dandy in the 60's and started reading the 2000AD from the first issue but it would be fair to say that my favourite comicbook characters is Dr Strange and Jonah Hex although I will give most comicbooks and graphic novels a go most recently the Fabel series and most of Neil Gainman's output.

I know suffer from Osteo-Athritis this rather limits my ability to work in a lab full time as no Doctor would sign me fit for this type of work, this has shaped my decission to work from home as an ink artist. I put the same level of precise work into my drawing as I would in a physics lab and I think my academic background gibes me a scope that other artist would not have had the oppotunity to experience hence when it comes to machines and equipment I have a more realistic view of how they should look.

I already have a good internet connection at home and have a good quality printer and scanner setup, again this equipment i am more than qualified to maintain myself due to previous experience so I will never have to offer the excuse that, 'I am waiting for the tech to sort my computer out so I can't email you the final inkwork'.
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