Simon Kendrick

Freelance Annual Report Writer & Book Writer

Location:Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
2 Skills
Key Strengths

A keen interest in and understanding of the operations of the business itself; this provides me with the ability to ‘read’ the accounts in the context of the business activities

A strategic perspective; an interest in, and ability to, drive the business forward to achieving it’s business goals

At the operational level; an ability to understand factors critical to the success (CSFs) of the business and to develop financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs). These are designed to maximise operational efficiency and financial profitability while balancing these objectives with other stakeholder imperatives

Financial probity and risk management; many years spent in audit and risk management have given me the background to develop controls to ensure that assets are safeguarded, safety is paramount and that the financial accounts provide a true and fair view

Management, leadership and inter-personal skills; these are all first class. Staff, peers and superiors alike all seem to enjoy working with me