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Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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Wian Olivier
17 Algoa Street, Strand, 7140
Telephone: 021-8545154 Cell: 071 863 4909 E-mail: Wianoli4ier@gmail.com


Profile (as assessed by Potential Unlimited Industrial Psychologists, 17 Sept 2010)
Enthusiastic, analytical person, with an accurate and logical approach, balanced with a sound ability to communicate effectively and convincingly with people. Able to solve problems and address difficult or controversial issues successfully, using a mix of logic, strong interpersonal skills and objectivity. When tested on the Jung Personality Inventory, the result indicated a personality composition of ISTJ (Introvert/sensory/ thinking/judgemental)

Personal Information
Name: Wian Olivier
Date of birth: 5 May 1992
Marital status: Single (no dependants)
Driving licence: Code EB (Vehicle) and Learners A1 (motor cycle)
Health: Non smoker, fit
Interests/hobbies: Skateboarding, soccer, film making
Played USASA Chess, Position A1 of school team
Formal: Extra-mural training
Strand High School - Leadership development
Matric, 2010 Strand Voortrekkers (Voorslag level passed, Silver)
School subjects - Computer proficiency in:
Afrikaans Eerste Taal MS Office
English CAD, Allycad, Visio, OMAX Layout
Engineering drawings
Art (design)
Life Science (Biology)
Short course (2D CAD) at IDT academy.
Started August 2011 with N4&N5 National Certificate: Multi-disciplinary Drawing Office Practice (Part time).
1 Day Photoshop Course @ Dynamix (Level1)

Working experience
February 2011 to May 2011: AC Industries, Somerset West:
- Mouldings, silicone tubing, casting, plating and waterjet system (OMAX)

October 2011 to December 2011: More Unique Maintenance,Strand:
-Writing out quotes, painting, fixing of cracks, installing general house appliances, cleaning, etc.

Skills (School and sport-level)
• Technical drawings (floor plans, perspectives, elevations, etc)
• Mechanical drawings, interpretations and developments, civil drawings
• Design and lay-out of skateparks
• Design of medals and trophies
• Advanced level of experience in organising competitions, track lay-outs and events (Boland Skateboarding Club)
• Event finances and banking arrangements

Repairing defects and maintenance:
• As part of the routine maintenance of our property I have experience in painting (interior and exterior), and woodwork.
• Have experience of basic repairs to doors, hanging fitting and planning.
• Have worked with table saws, skill saws and bench drilling.
• Have experience in construction and maintenance of skateboard ramps in wood, metal and concrete.
• At my current employer it was expected of me to do:
• Fencing,
• Working with heavy plant and electronic assisted equipment.

Other skills / qualities
USASA Chess and Western Province Chess (2003 – 2005)
• Played position A1 in school team for 2 consecutive years, and WP Chess for 3 consecutive years. Chess is acknowledged as a sport that develops strategic thinking and planning. It requires intensive concentration and the ability to pre-empt moves made by the opponent, and plans to counter such moves.

Strand Voortrekkers (1999 – 2007)
• Successfully completed 24 outdoor courses, ranging from field trails, bicycle repairs, knots, team work to plant life, mountaineering, field cooking and first aid. I successfully completed the ‘Voorslag’ course, which is a leadership course generally completed by only a few members.

Boland Skateboarding Club (2007 to date)
• As founder member participated in compilation of business plans, fund raising (among other R22000 recruited from City of Cape Town) for ramps and equipment, competition planning, organising, track lay-out and adjudication. Won a few sessions myself.

Career interests
A career in technical, mechanical and or architectural drawings, including calculation and design.

Mr Basson Ms Appels Maritz
Teacher, Technical Drawings Strand Voortrekkers
Strand High School Cell: 082 507 7091

Mr Wikus Roux Thomas Dillon
Supervisor (AC Industries) HOD Part Time Studies (Academy IDT)
Tel: 082 578 7039 Cell: 074 174 2583
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