Shalini Shalu

Freelance Quality Assurance Freelancer & Database Programmer

Location:United States
2 Skills
As a SQL Server Tester and Contract Billing Issues Analyst, Involved in the Development Project for Verizon Business. The Purpose of these Projects are to create a Contract Based Billing Module and Support it for the Federal Govt’s Telecommunications using the contract that the Company signed for. Also Involved in Analyzing Contract Billing Issues for the Customer.

As a Backend and Front end functional tester was involved with White Box testing, Black Box testing for multiple applications integration testing and E2E Testing.

Responsible For:
• Involved in the New Requirement Gathering process for every release
• Developed Procedures to implement user requirement in database level.
• Developed T-SQL Stored Procedures. ( for testing the user requirements)
• Developed Procedures for complex queries(Ad-HOC)
• Developed DTS Packages to get the Data from various other billing systems.
• Developed on demand reports very frequently using T-SQL and Stored Procedures.
• Developed on demand utility to implement new business rules.
• Wrote several scripts to change the existing data in order to fulfill the new business rules.
• Creating the Implementation Documents for the Release Deployment