Freelance Advertising Manager & Internet Marketer

Location:Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
2 Skills
STARCOM; Client: Suncorp Personal Insurance/ Get Reading!- Gov;t Initiative
• Launched a new product to market which included target development, strategic framework from the foundation up
• Plan across TV, Print and OOH as well as implement elements (traditional and more customized)
? TV integrations: Including script writing and briefing
? Print advertorials: Ensuring all aspects are on brand
? Digital: Creative direction on custom elements
• Track and maintain all budgets

MEDIAVEST/ STARCOM; Client: CoverGirl; Procter & Gamble company
• Mobile expert for P&G team, lead contact for all mobile inquires
• Owner of America’s Next Top Model COVERGIRL integrations; involved coordinating digital, National TV and Print components
• Ensured that events and media marketing plans are executed with excellence; overseeing 11 in one fiscal year
• Created briefs for buyers that lay out objectives and strategies to ensure that all communications are synergistic
• Analyzed and pulled all competitive data to build out annual competitive deck
• Presented variety of decks to Brand and inter-agency team

MEDIAEDGE:CIA; Client: Chevron Corporate US and International
• Led conference exploration; from planning to execution
• Vetted through new opportunities and presented to Brand
• Maintained budget tracking for full year media spend
• Handled all aspects of client billing (US and International)
• Coordinated 5 International markets from briefing the markets on the objectives of the campaign to billing reconciliation
? Liaison between client and Local Markets
? Local Market Media includes: Print, TV, OOH, online
• Pan Regional TV buyer: negotiated rates for the upcoming quarters, placed buys in the system, tracked quarterly changes
• Updated weekly status which details all agency and client assignments