John Clair

Freelance Album Designer & Artist

Location:London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Phone: 07772 518 716
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My name is John Clair.

Well, things you might want to know is that I’m a massively talented Artist. I tend to work both figuratively and graphically. I like my images both bold and refined. I am influenced by all manner of art forms and Artists. I love the work of Carravagio, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jamie Hewlett, Norman Rockwell, Guy McInley, Katsuhiro Otomo, Leonardo Manco, Banksy, Ian McQue, Egon Schiele…Can we just agree that I love art in all it’s beautiful forms?

I haven’t had the opportunity to go to Art college, so I’m largely self taught. But I regularly attend evening life drawing sessions and feel that this has benefited my work hugely.

I feel that I have the ability to produce, even in my own humble opinion, work to a exceptionally high standard. That said, I am also my own worst critic and am never entirely happy with the work I produce. I feel that this prevents me from getting complacent and enables me, however incrementally, to keep on improving my work.
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Album Design