Irena Jirkova

Freelance Book Cover Designer & Illustrator

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
Phone: 3106124868
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Irena Jirkova - RESUME 2012
665 S Cochran Ave, #106
Los Angeles 90036, CA
Phone: 310-612-4868


• Self employed Illustrator , Environment Artist (2007)
• Giving life to Animated Characters, with Emotions and Personalities
• a Solid background in Graphics, Letter Types & Techniques
• Utilizing a variety of advanced programs and/or tools achieving professional results.
• Artistic Development, extracting ideas out of context from material at hand. Making use.
• Create by Hand or Digital. Animated or Still, a variety of Visual and Physical Elements
• Excellent in providing Service
• Problem solver, positive behavior and sense of humor
• Experience in converting stories (Storyboards)
• Retouching Photo footage

Technical Skills:
Adobe - Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, After Effects, Creative SuiteCS5
Toon Boom - Animate Pro2, Storyboard Pro,
Cinema 04, Bodypaint 3D
Animo 6.0, Flip Book
Microsoft Word XP, Office
Wacom, Cintiq

Educational Qualification:
Fine Arts College Praha - VOSUP (Bachelors degree - 3, 7) BFA in Graphic Arts

Successfully completed Adobe Photoshop Training – Technique University -Munich
Extensive Continuous Internal Training, Adobe CS Master Suite.
Duration: 03/2004 –08/2005

Professional Experience:
Position: Production Artist- Freelance (Art Director, Coordinator, Editor, Concept, Storyboard)
Organization: ThinkFactory est. 1988, Los Angeles, California, USA
Duration: 2008 – Present
Charles D. Burns – CEO
Position: 2D Animation ,Character Artist (Toon Boom )
Organization : Mariposa Pictures, Juliet Garrison, Duration: Jan,2012- April, 2012
• Creating Illustrations and Sketches from Concept to Output (Storyboards)
• Following the Directors Wishes in cooperation with the customers needs
• Assistant to the Editor, Compile Footage, Tagging Material, Preparing Timeline
• Field Assistant, on location, gathering information, following script
• Discussing with clients, Conceptual planning, Ideas for the productions needs
• Oversee that deadlines are met, Storyboards are followed

Position: Animation , Storyboard Artist (Animator, Special Effects, Character Design...)
Organization: animoto GmbH, Munich, Germany
Jurgen Richter- Art Director
Duration: 2005 - 2007
• Storyboard Layout & Planning
• Animating from Storyboard, creating & following Dope Sheets
• Keys, Drawing Key Frames
• Line Test, Preview Scenes, Suggest Changes with Director

Position: Animation, Storyboard Artist (Sketches on Model, Storyboards, Character Design...)
Organization: Trixter Film GmbH, Munich, Germany
Michael Goldewey- CEO,
Duration: 2000 - 2005
• Storyboard Layout & Planning
• Animating from Storyboard, creating & following Dope Sheets
• Keys, Drawing Key Frames
Line Test, Preview Scenes, Suggest Changes with Director

Position: Assistant Animator,EFX (Key Artist, Special Effects)
Organization: Munich Animation GmbH, Munich, Germany
Eberhart Junkersdorf-CEO
Jurgen Richter –Animation Supervisor
Duration: 1995 - 2000
• Keys and In-betweens, Frame by Frame
• Line Test, Preview Scenes, Suggest Changes with Supervisor
• Animated Special Effects. Water, Clouds, Smog, Fire

Areas of Interest:
• Using my professional skills in putting different emotions in the animation characters.
• Making use of my creative talent for the betterment of the company.

Feature Film Animation:
2005-2006(Asterix et les Vikings) Asterix and the Vikings (Key Artist, Special Effects)
2002-2003 Moby Dick the legend [Pre-production] (Character Design, Story Artist, Posing)
2001-2002 Peter& Pan [Pilot film] (Story Artist –Clean-up, Animator, Key Artist)
2000-2001 Help I am a Fish (Key Assistant Animator, Special Effects)
1998-1999 Tobias Totzt and his Lion (Key Artist)
1999 Millionaire Dogs (Key Assistant Animator)
1995-1997 The Fearless Four (Assistant and Key Assistant Animator, Special Effects)
1990-1991 Little Ghost (Das kleine Gespenst) (Animator, Key Artist)

Short Film Animation:
2001 Shark & Piano (Key Artist)
1988-1989 The Lot (Udel) (Background Artist, Design Assistant, Animation Artist)
Broadcast Animation:
2006 Mund Stool Production (Pitch) Pink (Story Artist)
2005-2006 Swiss European Bank ECB -Why price stability (Key Artist)
2003 Lilly the Witch (Key Artist)
2001-2002 Disney Channel Nirko&Gurki (Animation Supervisor)
1991-1992 Your name, please! (Ihre name, bitte!) - ARD Channel (Production Artist)
Commercials Animation: (TV, Theater)
Ferrero Sponge bob Mission Maulwurf” (Key Artist) (2004)
Haribo MOAM Fruechtchen (Story Artist) (2005)
Nestle Nesguick Zauberkekse (Key Artist (2004)
Ferrero Kinder Uberaschung (Surprise Egg) (Key Artist) (2005)
Disney Channel Easter Indent 2001 (Key Artist) (2001)
Ferrero Lord of the Rings (Key Artist) (2002)
Danone Danonino Canyon, Danonino Fruchtzwerge Verwandlung (Key Artist) (2004), (2007)
Coffee Bone (Key Artist) (2004)
Saatchi & Saatchi Pampers (Character Design, Animator and Key Artist) (2003)
Cartoon movie- Film-opener (Animator, Animation Assistant)
Nestle Nesguick Zauberkekse (Key Artist) (2002)
N-Energy Energy (Key Artist) (2002)
Smash (Animator, Key Artist) (2004)
Baaaaarenstark 03 (Idea, Posing, Animator, Key Artist) (2003, 2005)
Jägermeister, Sueddeutsche, Dragon Land, Robby Bubble, Lind, Graze Race, Sponge Bob, (Key Artist) (1993-2000)
Images & Graphics:
ThinkFactory - Storyboards, Designs, Logos (Storyboard Artist, Title Designer) (2008 to Present)
Campagna Inc. - Logo, Script (Idea, Images Retouched) (2010)
Event work Inc. - Cars (Images Retouched, Key Artist) (2008-9)
Custom Video Productions, Inc. - (Graphic Artist, Office Assistant) (2008)
Joined the International Animation Film Festival Annecy since 1995
Udel - Grand Prix of European TV - Brussels 90
Silver Bear –Berlin 89
The Fearless Four – Bavarian Film Awards- 1998
Shark and the Piano – Giffoni Film Festival -2001
German Short Film – 2001
A Fish Tale - Chicago Children Jury Award - 2000
Robert Festival – 2001
German Film Award in Gold – 2002
Languages: Mother tongue - Czech, fluent - German, well - English, well - Russian
Born in the Czech Republic. Since 1989 living and working in Munich, Germany. My Daughter Janna Marie was born on November 23.1991, In December 1999 I Married an American Multimedia Producer (Charles). Built the first family home, and sold it 2007, relocated to Los Angeles area for more Career Opportunities, moved to Miracle Mile 09/2011 for Location. Green Card, California I.D., Social Security Card.
Hard Working, Fast Learning and Easy to deal with. Look forward to a prosperous Teamwork.
Irena Jirkova
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