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Denise Jane Racho

Work Experience

Sales Associate/Sales Support (Nov 2009 - Present)
Banana Republic, 3450 Wrightsboro Road Augusta, GA 30909
Working as a Sales Support Associate at Banana Republic I have several amounts of responsibilities.
I am mainly in charge of the cash register and answering any questions and concerns customers may have. I am required to be on familiar terms with the current sales promotions and the necessary protocols of any situation, such as suspicious behavior to prevent merchandise from being stolen. I am also responsible for helping the sellers work the floor; such as greeting and assisting customers, open up dressing rooms, steam any wrinkled clothing, and help maintain the cleanliness of the store by folding and organizing the merchandise. I return unwanted clothing from customers and make sure the clothes are put back in the correct areas according to size and style. Depending on my shift I assist the managers either open or close the store. I take out the trash, sweep the floor, dust, wipe windows, vacuum the dressing rooms, clean the registers, and clean the back and stock room.

Customer Service/Representative (Nov 2010 - Present)
Creative Channel Services, Augusta, GA
Working as a sales representative for Creative Channel Services, I was stationed at Best Buy located in Augusta, GA. There I am a representative for Canon; specifically advertising Canon printers. My responsibilities are:
Keeping customers informed about the up-to-date features on the displayed printers
Demonstrate how the printer works and showcase the quality and speed
Make sure my station is clean and that all the printers are on
Stack sales by trying to add on materials such as ink, paper, etc. to each sale
Demonstrate how to input ink cartridges into the printer
Approach customers if my aisle is empty and advertise the sales that are currently open

Technical & Customer Support (Nov 2010 – April 2011)
Rhodes Financial Services, Evans, GA
Working at Rhodes Financial Services, my main responsibility is to supply the best customer service and support possible. I am also responsible for:
Familiarizing myself with
Answer any technical support questions in regards to the website from customers that call in
Respond to e-mails being sent by customers regarding the website and their tax return
Educate myself on current tax laws and tax forms
Customer courtesy while on the phone

Independent Consultant (Nov 2009 –May 2010)
Arbonne International, Augusta, Georgia
Working as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International, my main focus is to market and sell the product.
I am responsible for building up a clientele and encourage them to host make-up or spa parties; in doing so that gives me the opportunity to showcase the products.
During the parties I inform the guests about the products such as the ingredients, the benefits, how to use them, and at the end the cost.
Being an independent consultant it gives me the opportunity to plan my own schedule, interact with people from different walks of life, share, and market and sell a great product, and build an income.

Sales Representative (Jan 2008 - Jun 2008)
Vector Capital, Evans, Georgia

Working for Vector, I was given a set of marketing equipment (CUTCO Knives) to market and sell to potential buyers.
As a sales representative I was required to go to a potential buyer’s house and present a sales technique we were taught in orientation.
In the sales presentation, since we were selling CUTCO Knives. We were to demonstrate how the product works and how well it works in comparison to other knife companies.
The type of products being sold were CUTCO knives, along with other kitchen appliances and outdoor necessities.

Waitress/Cashier (Aug 2007 - Oct 2007)
Shochin's Asian Kitchen, 4466 Washington Road Evans, GA 30809

When working as a waitress I was in charge of serving food to the customers and add any garnish to dishes that required it.
I was also responsible for replenishing materials such as napkins, plates, sauces, and silverware.
I helped maintain the cleanliness of the area along with another waiter I am assigned to work with during that shift.
I am also to attend to the customer by refilling their drinks or anything else they may need.
If I was to close that night I am assigned to sweep and mop the floor, refill the sauce bottles, clean the bathrooms, and take out the trash.
Working as a cashier, I was in charge of taking orders at the counter and place orders over the phone.
I was also in charge of packing and managing the phone orders.
I had to clean and sanitize my area before and after shifts.
I cleaned windows inside and outside the restaurant in the morning and at night depending on what shift I was assigned.

• 60+ WPM
• In person customer service
• Phone support / Phone customer service
• Marketing
• Demonstrating products and showcasing features
• Cashier / Waitressing
• Opening and closing duties

Bachelors of Nursing
Augusta State University, 2500 Walton Way Augusta, GA 30904 (Aug, 2007 - Present)
GPA: 3.0 International Students Club

High School Diploma
Greenbrier High School, 5114 Riverwood Parkway Evans, GA 30809-6799 (Aug, 2005 - May, 2007)
GPA: 2.8 Health Occupations Students of America Club, Open Mic Club, Interactive Club

High School Diploma
Landstown High School, 2001 Concert Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23456-8088 (Sep, 2003 - Jun, 2005)
APICS: Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Society, D.E.C.A: Distributive Education Clubs of America, Landstown Chorus, Japanese Club, Spanish Club

o Basic Life Support Certificate for Healthcare Providers (April 02, 2010)

o Volunteer/Mentor/Tutor at Murphy Middle Charter School (Fall 2009)

o Volunteer at Medical College of Georgia Pediatric Department (Fall 2009)

o Volunteer at St. Theresa of Avila's Catholic Church Nursery (2007 - 2008)

o Volunteered at Alzheimer's Center (August 2007)

o Greenbrier High School Graduate (May 2007)

o Honorary DECA(Distributive Education Club of America member) at Landstown High School (2003-2005)

o Princess Anne Recreational Center Red Cross Aid (Virginia Beach,VA 2004)

o Princess Anne Recreational Center Life Guard Assistant Trainee (Virginia Beach, VA 2003)

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