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Oh hi - didn't see you there. If you're into dry, business-style writing I'm probably not your guy. On the other hand, if you're looking for some fresh, smart, and zesty writing peppered with a dash of humor (why yes, I was cooking while writing this) you've come to the right place.

To satisfy all the detective-types out there wanting some background info on me:
-I'm currently finishing an English degree at Rhodes College with a writing focus
- Recently hired as a travel writer by a local paper to write bi-monthly columns
-I've had numerous creative/humorous articles picked up by newspapers and online publications
- I'm a professional musician, writing and performing my own original lyrics and music

To put things simply, I specialize in making your project into something that genuinely interests and entertains readers. No one wants their content causing people to slowly doze off (unless, of course, you run a help-clinic for insomniacs and that's actually your goal.) My writing's purpose is to get your readers to slow down, sit back (assuming there's a nearby chair), and actually take in your message because they're truly enjoying the way it's presented. Do your clients and yourself a favor and make your project more than just information.

Here's just a few areas in which having some stand-out writing is a huge asset:

*Fun, quirky bios for your staff
*A witty presentation of (let's be honest) otherwise boring facts and figures
*Unique lyrics
*Blog posts that don't sound like the back of cereal box
*Newsletters that clients actually read (and then ask for more!)

Anyway, thanks so much for your business. It really is a pleasure doing something I love that helps people at the same time. Looking forward to working with you,
~Evan Katz
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