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Justin Kameni

Resides: Montreal


Master of Data Mining, Data Management & Statistical tools, Catholic University of Louvain La Neuve, 2010

SAS Certification, SAS Base & SAS Advanced Certificates, SAS Institute, 2009

1st Master in Mathematics and Applied Sciences, University of Yaoundé I, 2006

Engineer in Statistics and Applied economics, Sub-Regional Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics in Yaoundé, 2006

Bachelor in Mathematics, University of Yaoundé I, 2004

Professional Training:

Institute of statistics UCL: seminar: How to communicate in public , Louvain La Neuve, 2010

Sondage2010 France seminar: Analyze the survey result, Tanger, 2010

Work Experience:

• 07/2009 – 08/2009: Mobistar

o Role 1: Title: Handset replacement modelling (Team member).

? Target the population: definition of the concept “replacement of handset”
? Build the dataset: tools SAS connect, SAS base, SAS Macro
? Define the process flows
? Pre-processing the data, summarize variable, SAS Stat and SAS Guide
? Segmentation of population tools SAS Miner
? Model: tools SAS Miner
? Validation of the model: tools SAS Miner
? Scoring and stress testing: tools SAS Miner
? Report tool Microsoft word and communication within the marketing department

• 06/2008 – 08/2008: Ministry of Energy and Water

Department of Human Resource

o Role 2: Title: Data administrator and data management of SIGIPES (Team member)

? Collect data
? Update the database
? Extract the data to the final user
? processing
? Summarize statistics on the data
? Advice to the chef of the department
The use of Oracle and SQL for request and crystal report for the reporting

• 01/2007 – 08/2008: Ministry of Energy and Water

Department of petroleum product and gas

o Role 1: Title: Prediction of the petroleum product’s consumption (Team member)

? Summarize the indicators of the petroleum market
? Visualize the trend of each seller(Total, Mobil, etc)
? Check the fraud in the sector
? Compare the prediction of the model to the real command by each seller
? Extraction and checking of the data to the final user
Specific software has been developed; I was in charge of the statistical aspect in the project. Every month, I updated the database and produced the reporting.

o Role 2: Software to control the use of materials(pen, books, etc) within the department

? Initialized project
? Model process
? Program the process in Excels with VBA language
? Update the data
? Produced quarterly report

• 04/2007 – 05/2008: Consultant Associated Agency

o Role 1: Title Organize survey about technology’s sector in Cameroon, principally in Douala and Yaoundé (Project manager)

? Coordinate the survey
? Interface between client and workers
? Communicator of the report to the client

o Role 2: Title Automatism of the graduation in career and amelioration of liquidation’s system of retail for public employees in Cameroon. The software SIGIPES was developed, our duties was to perform it (project manager)

? Organize the meeting
? Interface between team member and public service
? In charge to the reporting (propose useful statistics)

o Role 3: Title formulating the development plan of SME in Cameroon (Project manager)

? Coordinate the survey
? Interface between client and workers
? Write the statistical report of the survey (SAS, R, SPSS for statistics report)
? Communicator of the report to the client

• 03/2006 – 06/2006: Institute of Agricultural Research for Development

o Role 1: Title Determine factors that influence the production of Coco in the south of Cameroon (Internship)

? Gather data
? Pre-processing the data (with R, SAS Stat)
? Dimension reduction (principal component, Multiple component Analysis, Clustering with SAS Miner)
? Predictive modelling.
? Report and communication

• 06/2006 – 09/2006: Ministry of Planning, Programming and Regional Development

o Role 1: Title Assist Director for current activities. Quarterly report of ministry about budget consuming evaluation of current project (Team Member)

? Usually update the data on the consuming of the budget of different project in the ministry
? Quarterly report to the chef of the project.

• 03/2005 – 08/2006: Bureau de Recherche en Evaluation de Projet et d’Enquête Statistique (BREPES)

o Role 1: Title Prediction of impact of the economics of small to the Cameroon economy (Team Member)

? Elaboration of technical support (methodology and questionnaire) for the survey
? Statistical analysis
? report

o Role 2: Evaluation of the project “importation and sales of insecticides in yaoundé's site. Aims: tell the project manager weather the project is earning. (Team Member)

? Elaboration of technical support for the survey
? Statistical analysis
? report

o Role 3: Trainer on statistical software (Cspro and SPSS) and Survey methodology. (Team Member)

? Elaboration of training manual cspro and SPSS
? Training of the module of manage dataset within SPSS
? Training of the module backup the data from different computer with cspro software

Professional Affiliations:
• RIAED : Réseau International d’Accès aux Energies Durables (http://www.riaed.net/spip.php?article1575&var_recherche=KAMENI%20Justin)

• AUF : Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (http://www.chercheurs.auf.org/)

• SIFEE : Secrétariat International Francophone pour l’Evaluation Environnementale

• Statistical and Econometrics Software R, SPSS, SPAD, Eviews, SAS (SAS base, SAS/STAT, SAS Macro, SAS SQL, SAS Connect, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Enterprise Guide), SYSTAT, SPSS, STATISTICA, STATA, EPI Info, Cspro.


• Data Base Management System ACCESS, MySQL

Times Series, Data Mining, Decision Making, Predictive Modeling, Advance Non Parametric Statistics, Business Intelligence, Econometrics, Advance time series Econometrics, Bayesian Statistics, Survey

• English -- Fluent
• French – Fluent
• Spanish-- basic level

• Hobbies: Reading, Cinema, football, Travels
• Others: Publications

Authors Topic Links
Kameni J. Graph Structure Dynamics http://www.uclouvain.be/cps/ucl/doc/stat/documents/STAT-MEMOIRE-sept2010.pdf
Mémoire Master UCL, Septembre 2010
Batomen F. & Kameni J. Tirage systématique d’un échantillon aléatoire utilisant le logiciel R http://sondages2010.ulb.ac.be/Horaire.pdf
colloque Société Française de Sondage
Tanger 22-25 Mars 2010
Batomen F. & Kameni J. Impact d’Internet sur la performance des élèves et des étudiants http://www.slideshare.net/comafriq/francis-batomen-justin-kameni-impact-dinternet-sur-la-russite-scolaire-et-acadmique
colloque GRESEC 27-29 Janvier 2010
Batomen F. & Kameni J. Accessibilité aux infrastructures de base et atteinte des objectifs du millénaire pour le développement par le Cameroun http://www.univ-tlemcen.dz/~fseg/Larevue10.html
colloque AUF, Alger 11-12 Octobre 2009
Kameni J. Développement de l’énergie solaire et lutte contre la pauvreté au Cameroun http://www.sifee.org/

SIFEE, Mars 2008
Kameni J. Développement des biocarburants en Afrique : enjeux et perspectives pour la Cameroun http://www.sifee.org/

SIFEE, Mars 2008
Kameni J. Analyse des déterminants du comportement sexuel à risque : cas de la cité universitaire de Yaoundé I et ses environs http://www.issea-cemac.org/

ISSEA Juin 2006

Contact: justin.kameni@yahoo.fr
Tel.: 001 418 255 7614
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