Kristena Kitchen

Freelance Japanese Translator & Legal Translator

Location:Longmeadow, Massachusetts, United States
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Kristena Kitchen

My resume highlights my ability, knowledge and expertise in various skill sets such as project management, translation/interpretation and client relations. During my time as a self-employed linguist as well as a project manager at Corporate Translation, I was able to successfully be a cultural liaison, facilitate meetings, analyze and review documents, conduct quality control, engage in problem solving directly with the in-house team, translation team and with the client, adapt procedures and projects based on the client’s preference thus increasing the overall productivity and satisfaction of the client and team involved.


Freelance Interpreting, Translating and Document Review May 2004-Present

Duties include:
Review and Analyze documents
Conduct worthiness review
Translate and Edit documents
Conduct Quality Control on outsourced translations to ensure accuracy
Interpret for Client Interviews

Manage all projects and client relations
Whisper Interpreting
Consecutive Interpreting
Telephonic Interpreting
Onsite and offsite document Translation
Proofreading/Editing translated documents
Assisting with localization

Areas of specialties include but are not limited to:

Patent Translation
General Business
Business Conferences
Court/Pre Trial Hearings
Information Technology

Corporate Translations Inc. East Hartford, CT
(Specializing in Pharmaceutical Translations and Project Management)
Project Manager and In-house Japanese Translator April 2008 to April 2011

Duties Include but are not limited to:
- Manage multiple translation projects on a daily basis and ship to the client according to their specifications and timeline
- Lead Project manager on large account with Bristol Myers Squibb – Clinical Trial Team
Create and maintain an open line of communication with the freelance translators, in-house staff and clients.
- Train colleagues on different client needs as well as various translations and protocols
- Edit all translations going into English to assure a quality product
- Work closely with our layout team to ensure no errors are introduced to large scale print materials
-Establish relationship with the client as well as the translation teams to understand their individual needs, and coordinate and ensure that both schedules work and the final product has no errors.
- Translate Pharmaceutical documents such as Product Information, Medical Articles, Medical Informed Consent forms for Clinical Trials.
- Perform a foreign language edit on translations as an in-house translator
-Worked closely with production control to secure an excellent, well-versed and competent team of Japanese into English and English into Japanese translators as well as other languages.
- Utilize CAT tools during the project management process as well as the translation and editing process and perform continuous training on Across Systems.

Raytheon / Geologics Consulting Woburn, Massachusetts
Freelance Interpreter for the Japanese Language November 2004

Duties Include:
Translate Missile related documents from English to Japanese with correct Grammar and terminology. Maynard, Massachusetts
Field representative for Project Amanda Summer 2004

Duties Include:
Travel to client’s site and promote the product by marketing a free trial.

Catholic Charities Community Interpreter Services Boston, Massachusetts
Japanese Freelance Interpreter May 2004 to Present

Duties Include:
Translate and or interpret Japanese to English and English to Japanese
Worked with DET and other government agencies as well as Private organizations

Fast search/ Wellesley, Massachusetts
Web-Editor for Japanese Market September 2002 October 2003
Duties Include:
Translating Japanese Websites into English to evaluate relevance
Perform relevance testing to test accuracy of search engine within the Japanese Market
Compare the Fast search engine with other search engines within the Japanese Market
Evaluate the Japanese language and Tokenization within the search engine
Evaluate Japanese queries for their relevance to the subject matter.
Decipher Spam and Spam clusters and delete from index to improve the search engine within the Japanese Market.
Eliminate Offensive Content Pages from Japanese Market Watertown, Massachusetts
Operations Consultant October 2001 to September 2002
Duties Include:
Processing Hostel and International Student Identity cards
Process rail orders
Charge credit card for any airline or rail purchase
Sort, package and ship airline tickets
Order shipping supplies as needed
Follow up with any lost, stolen or damaged tickets.
Additional Work aside from Duties above:
Sort and deliver incoming mail to appropriate destination
Assist management with the implementation of automated shipping
Follow up with client with undelivered airline tickets and other packages
Cross train new agents on designated duties
Agent in charge of all 2002 Explorica Travel packages for spring break 2002

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Hostess/Server, Trainer, & Translator at the Sci-fi Dine-in
September 1999 to June 2001
Duties Include:
Translating information for all Japanese guests in the restaurant
Handling Reservations
Greeting and Seating Guests
Taking and serving guests' meal orders
Cash Handling
Training new employees

Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida
Work Study in the Human Resources Office September 1999 to June 2000
Duties Include:
Answering Phones
Making Appointments
Documenting and organizing salary and insurance claims

Private Translator, Yokosuka, Japan
September 1998 to June 1999
Duties Include:
Translating personal and professional documents from English to Japanese and/or Japanese to English
One on one translator/interpreter

University Of Massachusetts, Boston Massachusetts
Sept 2003 to June 2005
Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese Studies (Independent Major)
National Dean’s List Recipient 2004-2005
President of The Japanese Club

Harvard Extension School, Cambridge Massachusetts
February to June 2002

Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida
September 1999 to June 2001

Nile C. Kinnick High School, Yokosuka, Japan
September 1997 to June 1999
High School Diploma
Honors Program

Midorigaoka Girls' High School , Yokosuka Japan
September 1995-June 1997

Fluency in Japanese and English at a native level due to a thirteen year residency in Japan. Fluency includes reading, writing and speaking the Japanese Language. Also a vast knowledge of Japanese culture and business culture as well as Japanese and American Relations. Strong skills in facilitating client relations, cultural differences and being a cultural liaison. I can also multi-task, manage large scale projects, coordinate staff and duties while producing a reliable and accurate quality of work.

Currently using Catalyst and Relativity for document review

Business and personal references upon request