Freelance Music Producer & Jingle Producer

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
2 Skills
> DAW: Pro Tools, Logic, Sequoia
• New Heart Music Ministries: Using Pro Tools 9 to edit, record and mix
• Sound Works: Working on projects with Pro Tools 7.4
• Digital Mastering: Using Sequoia to load in, edit, master and create delivery for an album / a song
• Music Production and Arranging: Using Logic to compose and re-arrange music
- Using Sibelius to write lead sheets and create music
- Writing and reading lead sheets and music staffs
• Advanced Interactive Audio: Using Pro Tools 8 and Logic to design and edit sound for games
- Using game engine FMOD and Unreal editor to implement and mix sounds into game
• Vocal Production: Using Pro Tools 8 to record, edit and mix vocals (Lead vocal and background vocals)
- Using plugin including Melodyne, Autotune, Elastic Audio
- Ear training in listening pitch, timing, level problems
• Song Writing and Development: Using Logic to create and arrange music production
• Critical Listening: Using Logic to analyze sound in different sound fields and create different sound effects (such as comb filtering, resonance, interference, etc)
- Ear training in listening different tone, frequency and effects
• Audio Post Production: Using Pro Tools 7.4 and D-Con to record and Edit Foleys, ADR, SFX in Final Lab Projects
• Session Recording: Using Pro Tools 7.4 with Amek 9098i, SSL9000j and AWS 900 console to record and mix songs for Producer Showcase and Mixing project
- Handled all legal documents, budgeting and artist planning in producer showcase
• Project using Logic with MIDI controller in Song Writing and Development, Critical Listening, Recording and Mixing Console, and MIDI to record and produce songs for final projects
> Instruments: Piano / Electric Bass Guitar / Keyboard
• Role as bass guitarist in worship during tours
• Volunteer in church as keyboardist
• Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: Piano Exam Grade 7
• Teaching Piano and Electric Bass Guitar
> Music Composing /Theory/Arrangement
• Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: Theory Exam Grade 5
• Composed in Music Production and Arranging, Song Writing and Development, and Song Craft
> Production
~ Music
• Identify Sonic Problem in audio and edit it with different skills
• Understand the work flow of whole music production and know how to create delivery for mixing, mastering and replicating
• Experienced in production procedure, have ability to plan the whole production ahead, from song composing to mastering
~ Audio Post
• Able to Record and Edit VO, design SFX and music for Radio commercial, TV commercial
• Knowledgeable with the criteria of level for different media (i.e. Radio, TV, Film, Website)
~ Live Production
• Sound Dynamic: Familiar with sound system setup and usage of FOH and Monitor console
• Know how to calculate speaker and amplifier setup
> Others
• Experienced in production procedure, have ability to plan the whole production including budgeting, scheduling, and marketing
• Capable in making and fixing cables and some electronic devices, wiring equipments, analyzing acoustic environment and setting up sound system
• Quick in trouble shooting and problem solving
• Familiar with Entertainment Business Legal Documents
• Organize in handling Documents (i.e. Studio Documents, Business Documents)
• Able to write in professionalism (i.e. press release, business proposal)
• Great skills to communicate with clients and co-workers
• Trilingual: English, Cantonese and Mandarin