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Hannah Beck

Freelance Comic Artist & Narrator

Location:North Pole, Alaska, United States
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I am Hannah Beck, a college-aged Film. I have been drawing for most of my life, most of it being creations of my own imagination. I'm excellent with animal, human, and botanical art. A born and bred Alaskan, I find nature and animal scenes come most naturally to me when illustrating real-life.

When I do write, its usually stories I have dreamed up and then adapt into small screenplays. I really enjoy trying to imagine myself behind a camera, and the best ways to showcase my stories. It translates well into my comics as well, figuring out dynamic poses and angles.

I love to sing, and have been a consistent choir member since I was small. Singing and acting has tempered my speaking and diction. I love to read out loud, giving the character each distinctive voices that fit their characters. And, given a little practice, I can manage foreign accents very well, and pick up on the various nuances of how foreign languages are pronounced.

Have a great day!
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