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Tanya Schaefer

Freelance Admin Support Freelancer & Data Entry Freelancer

Location:Fergus, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 519-787-5137
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12 Second Ave – Fergus Ontario – N1M2W5

I am interested in applying for a position within your company. I am currently a fiction writer who produces full length novels, and am in the process of publication. I also have many short stories that I have produced for companies who are interested. However, I am looking forward to working within different fields of the writing community. I am an enthusiastic hard working writer who is willing and able to put the time and effort to produce quality writing. The education and courses that I have completed have all in some way contributed to the writing skills in which I now possess. I feel that I have the right attitude and self starting ability to contribute interesting and amusing stories. I also have the ability to create a story from fiction and non fiction, and retain the proper research methods to add an element of truth when needed.


• Able to create interesting and meaningful writing out of any type of topic
• Able to start, proof and finalize my own writing
• possess an original and unique style of writing
• Proficient in various Access databases, Excel, Word, Publisher and Outlook


• Received a creative writing diploma with highest honors
• Completed a 90000 word novel
• Started producing the sequel to the first novel

Diploma Glenview Park High school 1993 – 1997
Understanding Access – Provided by Fred Pryor 2006
Excel Level 2 – Provided by WG Johnson 2006
Healthy Communications – Provided by County of Wellington 2006
Dealing with difficult people – Provided by Fred Pryor 2004
Microsoft Outlook basics – Provided by the County of Wellington 2004
Evelyn Woods Reading Dynamics “efficient reading” 2004
Introduction to Law – Provided by Conestoga College 2000
Small Claims Court – Provided by Conestoga College 2000
Mediation and Dispute Resolution– Provided by Conestoga College 2000
Early Childhood Education Diploma – Stratford Career Institute 2004 Creative Writing Diploma – Stratford Career Institute 2009
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Admin Support
Data Entry