Nik Lee

Freelance Children's Book Writer & Editor

Location:Santa Monica, California, United States
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Desperate writer seeks work as close to a computer (preferably with Microsoft Word) as possible.

Writing has always been my so-called "thing", you see. And just recently, after losing my beloved Borders to the Man, I've been forced to seek work elsewhere - queue your loving and generous arms. I attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for about a year, studying creative writing and journalism - on scholarship, I might add. But later, I decided a world of degrees just wasn't for me, where then I moved on to the deepest, darkest pit that is retail.

My knowledge of the writing world is not so much derived from the the classroom of a university, but more so from behind the locked door of my room, where as a child - much to the annoyance of my controlling mother - I would write for days, mostly about the adventures of my beanie babies and hand-me-down power ranger figurines, where they would usually end up fighting a monster I had imagined from my father's gardening tools. Don't judge me.

Now twenty-one, I've nearly completed my middle grade fantasy manuscript, rounding up to about 80,000 words. And in between the editing and rewrites of it, would love to get some other work out there. So for the sake of lists: I'm a children's book writer, short story writer, blog writer, proofreader, fond of composing lyrics, and enjoy a nice glass of wine from time to time. Dessert wine only, of course - it needs to taste of candy.

I really enjoy reviewing, editing, and creating stories/articles/essays. I'm at my happiest when I'm delving into the exclusive world of publishing, though. As for my personal attributes, I'm determined, a hard worker (think bee status), and quite open-minded to all jobs that pass my way.
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Children's Book Writing