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December 8, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

I am retired from Federal Civil Service as a Graphic / Technical Illustrator, Computer Graphics GS-9/10 after Thirty-two years of service. Upon coming out of retirement I became employed in security / administration. It has became evident to me that the computer skills I acquired over the years and my unique knowledge of a numerous graphic, software and translator programs make me a valuable asset to any organizations administrative or desktop publishing operations. I have superb organizational ability, technical expertise, meticulous attention to detail.

Upon viewing the included resume, I would ask your indulgence as to the length. I simply have accomplished much in my working life.


Ralph R. Abel, Jr.

Ralph R. Abel, Jr.
Richmond, VA 23228

Cell: (805) 443-1272
Email: ralphabeljr@worldnet.att.net

Graphic/ Technical Illustrator / Visual Information Specialist
Security Administration / IT Support

Retired from Federal Civil Service as a Graphic Technical Illustrator with thirty-one years of DOD Federal Civil Service and graphic experience. A Disable Veteran with a Service connected disability, Vietnam Era Veteran.

Seeking a challenging, possible career-oriented position full or part-time in any aspect of Security Administration /Graphics Art / Illustration /Visual Communication /Computer Graphics/Administration. Where my diversified skills and talent, artistic, administrative, knowledge of computer software and hardware can be of valuable contribution and enhance the success of any organization.

? I have had to receive and communicate information orally, through notes and drafts, to accomplish daily tasks in Federal Civil Service as a Graphic/Technical Illustrator. Receiving instructions, explaining and finding solutions to any problems and presenting the best and most cost effective way to visually/graphically with illustrations and photographs, to present the information in briefs, documents, manuals and publications for the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army Headquarters, numerous U.S Government, Congressional and International organizations and agencies.
? While working with GARDA formally AT Systems Security, Inc., my position morphed into Security Administrative / Computer training / Graphic support.

January 2010 to Present
Fully Retired Status

May 6, 2009 to Decemeber 2009
Resigned position with GARDA to temporary move to East coast to help care for my ailing mother.

May 30, 2006 to May 6,2009
GARDA Security formally AT Systems Security, Inc., 674 County Square Drive, Suite 108, Ventura CA 93003
Position: Security guard/ Field Supervisor / IT Support / Data Entry / Graphics Support.
Assisted in developing training materials. Provided computer support fixed computer problems and provided training for GARDA / formally AT Systems security guards for Ventura County Government Center computer systems such as ProxiGuard Patrol Management System, SenSource Count Recorder System, EasyLobby SVM 9.0 ID badge system, Ventura County Government Center, Agency, Courts and Medical Center ID Badge / Photo Nextel Key card issue system, GroupWise email system, Windows XP, Microsoft Word, Excel, OCS programs and others. Maintained numerous data matrixes both for GARDA Security, and the Ventura County Government Center. Provided graphic support GARDA and the Ventura County Government Center and VCMC with guard Proxiguard routes, Panic button locations. Developed numerous new, and upgraded needed forms. AT Systems Security, Inc. Employee of the Month February 2007. Selected from Ventura Branch to AT Systems, Inc, Corporate Culture Committee. Designed illustration of “Mr. AT” used by branch and corporate office.

January 2005 to May 2006
Fully Retired Status.

March 1991 to January 2005
(DOD) Department of the NAVY, Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 4 (VX-4) / VX-9
Naval Air Station Point Mugu, Naval Base Ventura County, CA.
Position: Graphic Technical Illustrator GS-9 step 10
Supervised VX-4 /VX-9 graphics department. Responsible for Illustrations / Desktop publishing of graphic layouts and designs for classified Tactical Manuals (TACMAN), Operational Test Guides (OTG), F-14 Systems Manuals, NATOPS manuals, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) briefs. Using concepts, theories, principles of visual communication and artistic design to apply to computer graphics and print media. Interpreted complex blends of tactical and system concepts, theories, and technology into efficient creative visual presentations for computer or print for the best presentation for the arena the information is presented. Designed and illustrated new logos, Newsletter graphics, official patches and cartoon illustrations for NAVY organizations. Provided photographic support for VX-4/9 and provided graphic support for numerous NAVY organizations. Was responsible for the maintenance, connections of graphic office computers, scanners, external drives and printers. Loaded and ensured software compatibility on computers, corrected operating system problems, IP internet problems, replaced internal disks drives, changed formatted hard drives, upgraded and changed modems, video cards, processors and mother boards as required. Performance appraisals rated Outstanding. Given a Discontinued Service Retired (DSR) due to the retirement of the F-14 program and aircraft from the Navy.

June 1989 to March 1991
(DOD) Department of the Marine Corps, Facilities Management Department, WC 443, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) El Toro, CA 92709
Position: Sign Painter WG-5 step 3
Applied effective management principles and practices in setting priorities and controlling production of signs, logos and posters. Lay out sign blanks, posters and identifying marks to balance wordage and borders. Operated Signmaker IV sign machine producing precut letters. Operated Scotchlite Vacuum Applicator to bake reflective sheeting to sign blanks. Designed plaques, logos for signs, posters, and Marine Corps patches. All performance appraisals rated Outstanding. Promoted and transferred to VX-4 NAS Point Mugu, CA

June 1988 to May 1989
(DOD) United States Army Intelligence Center and School (USAICS), Fort Huachuca, AZ
Position: Intelligence Student / PAO Illustrator
On a Military Furlough from civil service. Injured after graduating the U.S. Army Intelligence Ground Surveillance Systems Operator Course (221-96R10). While on medical hold waiting for a medical review board was assigned to the Public Affairs office as an illustrator. Illustrated and designed the official MI scrapbook for the MI museum, painted the portrait of the official MI Blue Rose, painted the bicentennial wall mural recognized by United States Bicentennial Commission and provided graphic support for Fort Huachuca, AZ. Medically discharged and returned to Federal Civil Service at MCAS El Toro.

March 1988 to June 1989
(DOD) Department of the Marine Corps, Facilities Management Department, WC 443, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) El Toro, CA 92709
Position: Sign Painter WG-5 step 2
Operated Signmaker IV sign machine producing precut letters. Operated Scotchlite Vacuum Applicator to bake reflective sheeting to sign blanks. Provided Graphic Illustration support when requested. All performance appraisals rated Outstanding. Granted Military furlough June 1988.

December 1985 to November 1987
(DOD) Department of the Army, Headquarters United States Army Europe, and Seventh Army (USAREUR) APO New York 09403.
Position: Illustrator / Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC)
Responsible for the management and job prioritizations of four civilian visual information specialists and seven military illustrators. Blending management skills and technical expertise to produce the best possible presentation of artwork from manuscripts, notes and rough sketches used for publications, transparencies, posters, for USAREUR General staff, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, NATO, International and U.S Congressional briefings. All Enlisted Evaluation Reports rated Excellent /Outstanding.

June 1979 to November 1985
(DOD) Department of the Army, Headquarters U.S. Army Garrison, Transparency, Slide and Drafting, Training and Audiovisual Support Center (TASC), Directorate of Plans and Training, Fort Ord, CA 93941
Position: Illustrator / Cartographic Draftsman / Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC)
Responsible for the management and job prioritizations of two civilian eight to sixteen military illustrators. Provided graphic support for 7th Infantry Division, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), Fort Hunter Liggett, Defense Language Institute (DLI), Naval Post Graduate School, Personal Control Facility (PCF) and all Ft. Ord Commands. All Enlisted Evaluation Reports rated Excellent /Outstanding.

April 1978 to May 1979
(DOD) Department of the Army, Headquarters Security and Intelligence Europe (ODCSI), HQUSAREUR.
Position: Illustrator
Provided all classified graphic support for ODCSI. All Enlisted Evaluation Reports rated Excellent /Outstanding.

October 1973 to April1 1978
(DOD) Department of the Army, Headquarters XVIII Airborne Corps, First Corps Support Command (COSCOM), Fort Bragg NC
Position: Illustrator/ Draftsman
Provided graphic support for 1st COSCOM, XVIII Airborne Corps, 35th Signal Group, and Ft Bragg for briefings, posters, signs, and all requested graphics support for all organizations military and civilian at Ft. Bragg. All Enlisted Evaluation Reports rated Excellent /Outstanding.

Additional Qualifications:
Rated fully qualified by OPM Human Resources Service Center, Southwest, HRSC-SW at the GS-9 grade for:
GS-1020, Illustrator
GS-1084, Visual Information Specialist
GS-1010, Exhibits (Design/Art/Model Making)
GS-1001, Arts and Information / Design
Extensive experience in designing and preparing public visual displays and presentations.
Photographic experience

Software Proficiency: SenSource Vehicle Count Recorder System, EasyLobby SVM 9.0 ID Badge System, ProxiGuard Patrol Management System, GroupWise Mailbox, Phoenix Group Handheld Sys: Wincite Mobile, Enterprize ID Works, ID Prod-Photo-Printer, NexSentry-StargazeCard Auto Sender Entry, Ariadne Modulex, Room Rsev ResSched, Microsoft-Word-PowerPoint-Excel-Outlook, ABBY San to Office, Microtek ScanWizard, AutoCAD Map XchangeWorks data translation, Corel Draw 8-Trace, SAS Analyst Harvard Graphics 3.0, Page Keeper 3.0, Word Perfect, Harvard Graphics 3.0, Adobe Graphic Suite, Analytical Graphics STK 4.3, Lemark Photo Editor, Photo Browser, COSMI Photo Editor Plus, Microsoft Publisher, Micrografx Picture Publisher, Corel Photo Paint 8, Photo Genie, Photo Line, Corel Word Perfect Office, Microsoft Picture It, Hijack Browser-Draw-Pro-Paint, Solid Edge (CAD) Smart View-Draft-Paint, Micrografx Designer 3.1/7.0,
Hardware Proficiency: Motherboards, Hard drives, Disk Drives and Processors instillations.

1. Two Department of the Army monetary Suggestion Awards #M 880077
2. Five (6) Honorable Discharges, U.S. Army 1976, 1979, 1982, 1887, U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) 1988, Medical Honorable Discharge U.S. Army1989
3. Designed and painted a wall mural at Ft. Huachuca AZ recognized by the United States Bicentennial Commission
4. Designed and painted the official Military Intelligence Corps flag painting that was photographed and distributed worldwide.
5. Designed and painted the official MI Blue rose, photographed and distributed to military intelligence dignitaries of the United States and foreign countries worldwide
6. Designed MI activation scrapbook published and distributed to all MI units worldwide with the original placed in the military intelligence museum, Ft Huachuca AZ
7. Designed the MCAS El Toro Environmental logo for the Marine Corps
8. Awarded MCAS El Toro Commanding Generals Impact Commendation for designing and painted the MCAS El Toro passenger air terminal wall mural depicting various aircraft
9. Redesigned the MCAS El Toro Team Work Unity Awareness Logo
10. Designed and painted the National Hispanic Heritage Week poster,” Latinos We Saludo You”, at Ft. Bragg NC which appeared in the Army Times
11. Designed the 7th Infantry Division Master Training Calendar, for U.S. Forces Command for all major active and reserve army units in the United States.
12. Designed and painted “Not Only Animals Become Extinct” poster adopted by U.S. forces Command (FORSCOM) and U.S. Army Europe (UASREUR) reproduced worldwide
13. Designed the Nuclear Accident Incident Control Task force Certificate (NCAIC), used by Brigadier General J. W. Nicholson
14. Awarded 1st prize in the United States Army Europe (USAREUR) and Seventh Army Media Competition for Published Graphics Art Category by the Chief of Staff Major General C. J. Fiala
15. Designed a poster winning first place in Graphic Design competition for the Ojai Camerata
16. Designed and painted lithographs of numerous Navy aircraft for VX-9 Det, VX-30, COMAEWWINGPAC, NBVC Point Mugu and VX-9and VX-31 NAWS China Lake given to VIP’s, staff and departing officers and chiefs
17. Designed and painted the Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) 2002 Air Show poster
18. Designed and painted the Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) 2004 Air Show Poster
19. Designed the squadron patch and logo for VX-30 formally Weapons Test Squadron NBVC displayed on all their aircraft OF-4N/s, NP-3D, LC-130, DC-13A, F-14, and FA-18.
20. Designed the FBI Los Angeles Air Operations Patch.
21. Designed 2 logos for Oxnard HS water polo teams
22. Designed and Illustrated “Mr AT” for AT Systems Security, Inc., ATSSI
23. Designed BSIS training, VCGC lighting Code, Schedule / Refuse / Bin / Size /Location matrixs, Time sheets, Vehicle Inspection Forms, VCGC Panic Button, Security guard routes, Yard Sensor and Camera location Graphics VCGC Incident Action Plan (IAP) (Extra Threat Coverage) document, for AT Systems Security Kiosks, , Inc., ATSSI


Six (6) Department of the United States Army Honorable Discharges
Four (4) Department of the Army Commendation Medals
Two (2) Department of the Army Achievement Medal
Four (4) Department of the Army Good Conduct medals
Two (2) Department of the Army Certificates of Achievement
Two (2) VXII Airborne Corps Certificates of Achievement
XVII Commanding General’s Certificate of Recognition
Headquarters U.S. Army Europe (USARAUR) Commanding Generals Certificate of Achievement
7th Infantry Division Certificate of Achievement
Awarded Command Sergeant Major United States Army Military Intelligence Center MI Coin
Nuclear Chemical Accident Incident Control Task Force (NCAIC) Commendation
Secretary of the Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation (VX-4)
MCAS U.S. Marine Corps El Toro, CA Commanding General’s Monetary Award for Performance
U.S. Marine Corps El Toro, Facilities Management Department, Monetary Award for Performance
Two (2) VX-9 Det, Naval Base Ventura County Monetary Awards for Performance
VX-9 Det, Naval Base Ventura County Time Off Award
Commander Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Award of Merit for Group Achievement
Red Hats Support Award
Department of the Navy Award of Merit (Civilian)
Awarded USAF Test Pilot School Coin
Awarded Army National training Center Fort Irwin Coin
Awarded Army ITT Industries Systems Division National Training Center Coin
Presented Navy COMAEWWINGPAC Command Master Chief Coin
Presented Navy Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Three Zero (VX-30) Coin
Presented Navy Air test and Evaluation Squadron Three One (VX-31) Coin
Masonic Meritorious Certificate for Graphic Support
Eastern Star Meritorious Certificates for Graphics
Over 100 letters of Commendation and Appreciation from high ranking Military Officers and Civilian
VIP’s. (Available upon request)
AT Systems Security, Inc. Employee of the month, February 2007


- Bureau of Security Investigative Services (BSIS)- Power to Arrest , IIA Public Relations , II.B Observation & Documentation, II.C Communications, Weapons of Mass Destruction, II.J Handling Difficult People
- Professional Training Security Network (PTSN)
- First Aid/CPR/AED ,
- Two Years, Montclair State Collage, Upper Montclair NJ. Major Art. Course emphasis: Design, Art and Civilization, Development of East Asia, African Civilization, Drawing, Visual Arts, Composition and Literature.
- U.S. Army Skill Center Managers Workshop
- American Council on Education U.S Department of Labor/ U.S. Army Illustrator Apprenticeship Program, 4,000 hours.
- SkillPath Certificate of Completion How to Design Attention-Grabbing Brochures, Catalogs, Ads, Newsletters and Reports
Skills (2) Rating
Graphic Design