Rebecca Carlson

Freelance Article Writer & Event Photographer

Location:Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, United States
Phone: 802 535 0268
2 Skills
I am a 23 year old woman looking to better herself in a small town with little opportunity. I do not have a resume to post. I have been a manager at McDonalds and recieved my BSM (Basic Shift Management) certificate through the corporation, as well as my serve safe certificate. I have spent over 2 years working for McDonalds and recently quit when I found out I was sick.
I enjoy writing. I currently write for The pay is little but I enjoy it anyways.
I am also working on a novel as a hobbie and taking online seminars to better myself and proofread correctly.
My mother has taught me alittle about data entry and I would like to persue that somehow.
I love the internet, with working only for textbroker I have alot of extra time on my hands and resaerch everything of my interest and sometimes out of my interest to broden my horrizons.
I would like to go to college and take some writing classes and get my associates.
Another hobbie I would like to mention is photography; I love taking pictures of nature. Nature is so pretty and easy to capture.