Vincent Gregory Cook

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Location:Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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As a nineteen year old I joined the special services unit, leaning, explosive and trench medicine. An injury allowed withdrawal after two years, I acted an a part-time security guard to a modelling agency, did various undercover assignments. I the learnt plumbing for a year.

I then studied nature conservation, worked on various game ranches/reserves. Eventual completing a National Higher Diploma. In conservation field i completed certificates in Mechanical and Chemical big Mammal Capture.Did a stint with Helicapture a game darting a relocation outfit.

I owner/operated a silicuture thinning operation,a chemical manufacturing as well as handyman service. At the same time I did various undercover stints for nefarious, paranoid intelligence agencies, through these assignments I acquired skills in body language, and human trait identification (profiling!), as well as the use of propaganda and had contact with some dubious chemical experts (doctors with skills in the macabre! A useful set of skills in sales and marketing and competition control!

From 2004-7 I marked English for entry into tertiary education in South Africa. This was at AARP ( Alternative Admissions Research Project at the University of Cape Town, South Africa) I also evaluated scientific reasoning skills!

At present am in the services of a microwave communication company maintaining air-conditioning, electrical, construction and microwave infrastructure1

My kudos is an unwavering desire to deliver the best content with perfect context and timing!
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