Rebecca Whittaker

Freelance Event Photographer & Outdoor Photographer

Location:United Kingdom
2 Skills
I have just completed my final year at Southampton Solent University studying BA (Hons) Photography.
I am an outgoing person who likes to get things completed in a timely and competent manner. I have good time management skills, and can be relied upon to complete tasks and duties assigned to me. I feel that I have a realistic outlook on life that comes into play when opinions are asked of me, or problems need to be solved. I am able to work independently, setting goals and deadlines for myself to meet and presenting my research in a comprehensible manner, whether it is in a written or visual format.
My computer skills include: using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Photoshop and generally finding my way around computer programs.
My photography work mainly portrays various themes revolving around landscape and architecture photography and the emotions and memories these spaces stimulate within us.
I enjoy photographing my surroundings, the things that interest me and those that capture my attention and imagination. I’m attracted to the different shapes and structures of buildings and how they form the opinions we have of them.
Many of my images are scenes or scenarios from what most would call the mundane world - places or objects that are in our everyday lives, but are rarely noticed until needed. I believe it is these things that we pass by so regularly that deserve a second glance, to be able to linger in someone’s memory.
My personal strengths include being able to find interesting perspectives to photograph items and views from