Santiago Benham

Freelance Spanish Translator & Article Writer

Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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Santiago Benham
1550 North Reading Rd
Stevens, PA, 17578


Professional writer experienced in screenwriting, journalism and technical writing ready to generate superior quality scripts, news articles, and helpful guidelines for those in the professional writing fields and hopefully land a position in the movie industry.

Summary of Qualification:

• Experience of two semesters in writing for the workplace and journalism.
• Experience of one semester in copy and line editing and publishing.
• Experience of one semester in writing for mass communication.
• Experience of one semester in creative writing and drama.
• Devoted, responsible and self-motivated.
• Proven ability to take on new and unexpected topics.
• Exceptional awareness in things going on in the media.
• Great communication skills, both written and verbal.
• Skilled in browsing the internet and using the computer such as Word and PowerPoint.
• Fluent in communicating, verbal and written, in both Spanish and English.

Work Experience
Sales Associate at Target – 2009, Sales Associate at GameStop – 2008
Responsibilities include maintaining outstanding customer service as per Company standards, generating sales, merchandising, and safeguarding company assets.

• GED from Green Valley High School.
• Honors Diploma from Green Valley High School.
• Three semesters of professional writing courses at Kutztown University, including Writing for the Workplace, Creative Writing, Copy and Line Editing, Scientific Writing, College Composition, Advanced Composition, Journalism and Mass Communications.