Freelance Poster Designer & Photographer

Location:Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, United States
Phone: 330-998-1297
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I am an experienced young photographer and graphic designer from the North East Ohio region. During my childhood the idea of cameras fascinated me along with computers. At age 7 I even set up our first real computer at my house. Now I am designing posters, logos, even CD covers and other work on Photoshop CS5 which I have had 3 years of experience with Photoshop. I have been a photographer for a little longer and even began modeling to further my understanding for photographing people which is where my main focus is at. Beyond that focus I pin point my motivation with the band photography I do and the promoting of the bands I work with to take them to new levels and become more than the local band. It is best to be well rounded in each field so with photographing live shows I have learned even more about what a camera is capable of and how to capture motion which happens to be a challenge. I have worked as a paid graphics artist for a California based Chic Company creating every graphic aspect and giving my educated opinion. I decided that I truly enjoy working my hardest for something that pays off in the end but this time I want to truly be a part of a company that can gives me not only satisfaction from simply being a graphics artist but the security I need as an employee. I work from simplicity up. Key basic ideas for graphics are color, style, theme, words and sensibility. I always ask about the color scheme of the project because it is a common sense question. Style or graphics is important because there are so many styles of graphics along with theme. If you want gothic I need to know if you mean "vogue" goth or cheesy stereotypical goth. Sensibility is what I'm looking for after an end result of 3 designs to choose from. My goal is to have everything in perspective and for the piece to be sensible and choices make it easy to narrow down the piece of work most fitting. If I am asked to I will rework pieces and if the work is satisfying the first time then its a good day for everyone. If you would like to see some of my work please check out this page or ask to see other work through email. This page will have a lot of my photography and graphic samples. I am a relaxed outgoing person with a few good ideas under my belt and the motivation to help you make a great looking company. It starts at design.
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Poster Design