Edna Hreczuch

Freelance Drawer & Painter

Location:Chicago/Park Ridge, Illinois, United States
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Over 20 years executing majority of areas in Business and Marketing on an executive level as well as a fine artist. As you will find, I have a very diverse Professional background. Began doing consulting work in corporate, advertising and marketing agencies as well as for independent clients with services in Graphics. My career developed into entering Positions as Marketing Director, establishing departments and then establishing new business entities. Through out the process was able to write and execute Marketing and Business plans/programs in addition to providing consulting in all areas providing services in planning, executions and management from Marketing, to human resources/benefits planning, development, finance, Sales and Growth, Negotiations, so on and so forth. I am young, beginning my career at a young age. I am a consultant, entrepreneur, fine artist and more. I find joy in achievement, and am fortunate enough having to have been faced with a number challenges under some of the most unique and severe climates and conditions. I offer all of my talents, skills, experience and abilities through consulting work because I enjoy them all. I have built many relationships along the way and value each and every one. I work in the best interest of all. Nurturing relationships through balance and simplicity of the objective. Big challenges to the individual brochure design.
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